Astra 2E Satellite Signal Reception Map – Add Your Report!

How is your Astra 2E Reception since the changeover? View other people’s reception in your area, let other users know if you get a signal. Compare dish sizes and signal strength. If you would like to add a marker, click to open Rob’s Satellite TV Astra 2E Reception Map in a full size window, where you can add … Continue reading »

Astra 1N has cleared it’s channels and is moving to 19.2 degrees East

Astra 1N has moved it’s channels to the new satellite Astra 2E – which has a tight UK spot beam instead of a Pan European beam. Many users across Europe will have lost their favorite channels including many BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five channels. Some users can pick these up using larger satellite dish, but … Continue reading »

Where have the BBC Channels gone?

Are your BBCs channel missing? Do you receive UK satellite TV in Spain, South France, Germany, Italy or somewhere else far from the UK?  What has happened to the BBC channels and why are they offline? On February 6th, the Astra 1N satellite in orbit at 28.2 degrees East (where the UK satellite TV channels … Continue reading »

Latest UK Freesat Channel Changes over Europe

If you would like to stay up to date with what’s happening currently with the satellite changeover in Europe (UK channels such as BBC and Channel Five from the Astra satellites being moved around) then be sure to keep an eye on the Astra 2E and 2F posts on the forums.   General Astra 2E … Continue reading »

Hello to new users

Thanks for visiting the new site. If you haven’t already, you will need to register as I cannot copy the users over from the old site, because is rubbish (Despite having a premium account and paying them $250 a year, there is no backup, download or export function for the site or data, awful!) … Continue reading »

Astra 2E reception maps

ASTRA 2E SATELLITE  TV RECEPTION MAPS This map is for confirmed  or not confirmed Astra 2E Reception Reports. Many thanks to you all of you for the participation and the information you provide will be collated and put on the separate Astra 2E Reception Reports page and also on a future Astra 2E Footprints Map. … Continue reading »

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