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This website was‚ kept online‚ honor of my Uncle Robert, the founder of www.robssatellitetv.webs.com - a popular site on which Rob spent a lot of time informing people of new happenings in the world of Satellite TV.

Unfortunately Rob died aged just 49! Leaving behind his "creation" and many people disappointed that there would be no further predictions and accurate satellite info from him. Therefore I (a relative of Rob) decided to‚ keep the site going, I had his login details as I was going to create a new site for him.

Rob was quite knowledgeable and used to make "predictions" on what was happening in the European area with the Eutelsat and Astra satellites, often surprising people when he was correct (which was usually), and sometimes he even seemed to know more than Astra themselves. Whether you liked him or not, (Rob fell out with a few people, usually due to them arguing with him saying that Rob was wrong, only for themselves to be proved wrong when Rob's "crazy" prediction turned out to be right!) you can't argue that his site was a very valuable source of information, along with a distinct lack of modesty, crazy set of values (using copyrighted pics from everywhere else and complaining against those who copied his stuff!) ‚ and his "quirky" sense of humour, all of which made if a very unique site indeed!

Rob's work continues on the site but mostly because our users are sharing information on the forums, informing each other of reception reports for satellites in different areas of Europe, and helping other satellite users with any questions or difficulties they may have. Please‚ register‚ on our website and join the community.

Original Welcome Message:

Hi, Hello, and a warm Welcome to you from "Rob's Satellite TV"

"Rob's Satellite TV" is here to help you the satellite viewer (and satellite equipment installer) to navigate your way around the satellite television and radio maze. And it can be a maze with all sorts of confusing, conflicting and just plain downright incorrect information being given. These are some of the reasons why this website‚ was initially set up and hence this website was born. "Rob's" has time and time again been proven to be the "World Leader" with all the big and exclusive satellite news. This has been especially true regarding the UK specific satellites because "Rob's Satellite TV" was and is the one and only consistently correct and consistently exclusive satellite news website regarding these UK specific satellites.

"Rob's Satellite TV", telling it like it actually is before it actually is!

Some of my Uncle's humour follows from his original website!

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"What the papers say"

WHAT THE PAPERS SAY‚ or‚ more specifically what my readers say - a good header is always better than.........!

The following are just the latest in a long line (all of them real I might add). There have been many more but it would take me all year to go through my inbox and find them all, Many Thanks to everyone who has and still continue to contact me, everyone!

"Rob, you are an absolute star and are saving my sanity.‚ Many thanks and all power to you" Rosie

"Great site and info and greetings from Tenerife" Wouter

"I am very interested in satellite news but your site is the best you can find, just to say thank you for your all hard work" Ken

"Just came across your exciting site, now added it to my favourites" Murdoch

"Fantastic Site, Thanks for all the info. If I can help with information at all, I would love to help" Dave

"I look at your Astra 2F, 1N predictions regularly almost every day,...keep doing it, you're great" Gordan

"I really love your website, you are the best by far" Andreas

"What a change to see a very useful satellite website at last" Vic

"At last a website that talks sense" Keith


Rob's Satellite TV


6 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. I would like to contribute to this forum as I have found the information very helpful and unlike other forums, people asking questions don’t get flamed. However I cannot find the contribute button. I feel this should be a very obvious button, to help Paul with the inevitable expenses of buying bandwidth and running the site.


    1. Hi Wilson.I removed the button just earlier today, as I was rearranging the site. I have put it back now on the left side menu. Thank you for your feedback and support 🙂

  2. Hi Paul.
    You are doing a great job but just one problem.
    The print color on the forum pages is so weak its very hard to read, any chance of it being darkened somewhat.

    1. Hi Bryan. You are right, it needs changing. I have been meaning to change lots of the colour scheme but it took a lower priority as the site was not working very well a lot of the time and that took my attention.

      Unfortunately I just took a full time position in a volunteer role 🙁 and that is leaving me not much time for web design.

      I will have a quick look now but if it has not changed by the time you read this then bear with me, it isn’t as easy as I would like to change the colour scheme, I dont have very good web development / CSS knowledge and that’s what it requires to change it 🙁

      Thanks for the feedback

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