Astra 2E Satellite Signal Reception Map – Add Your Report!

How is your Astra 2E Reception since the changeover? View other people's reception in your area, let other users know if you get a signal.‚ Compare dish sizes and signal strength.

If you would like to add a marker, click to open‚ Rob's Satellite TV Astra 2E Reception Map‚ in a full size window, where you can add your report.‚ 
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16 thoughts on “Astra 2E Satellite Signal Reception Map – Add Your Report!”

  1. struggling to find a solution the internet here is poor the solution I was expecting was a pie in the sky dream using filmon and my pc through the tv for missing progs still got all sky will keep looking

  2. Hi, no 2E reception (1 m dish) in Baiso (Reggio Emilia). Is anyone near Reggio Emilia or Modena receiving Astra 2E? What size dish are using?

    1. Hi Lory, don’t know if you had any replies to your question which I have only just seen. Looking at the reception map, the nearest guy to you is Stefano in Parma who has a 1,5m dish and is receiving 2E 24/7 except in heavy rain. Looks like you will need at least a 1.5, even a 1.8 if the signal drops in the summer as many predict.
      Cheers, Derek.

      1. Hi Derek, thanks, I was hoping that a 1.5m would be enough but now I doubt it. I agree with you, I think I’ll be needing a 1.8 dish if the signal drops or with bad weather anyway… or IPTV (but it’s not exactly the same thing).
        Ciao, Lory

    2. since the change of 2E you gonna need a 2 meter dish to receive good signal quality,back home in Kosovo i use 2 meter dish and i can receive most of BBC and ITV channels, only when weather is clear

  3. Location Neat Altea / Benidrom Spain. 0.5 West 38.36 North. 1.2 Mtr Dish, Ferguson Ariva 102e set top box Goobay Quad LNB which i find the Best ALL CHANNELS WORKING did not loose any with the change over.
    Check out the Goobay Quad Lnb it beats the Single or Twin
    Cheers to all feed hunters
    Pat from Ireland

  4. Some “joker” is is moving markers…!!!! Found mine somewhere south and “Martina of Torino” in the Bay of Biscay. Have corrected both but anyone who has placed a marker please check if it’s still in the right place……..

  5. Hi I have added my result after insalling a new dish.I have also moved Bens marker to approx where it should be from the middle of the adriatic!This was after moving another of my markers from limoge back to herault.This is supposed to be a guide to people who need accurate info .

  6. Receiving all BBC and ITV etc programmes in Vinaros, Spain, using a free to air box and a 1.5 metre dish.

  7. Hi,

    Does Astra 2E Middle East beam broadcast any channels or not?

    I am going to install the Dish but not sure that the Middle East beam actually has any TV channels on it.

  8. Catral,Spain have 1.4 GI dish with GI LNB signal is starting to breakup on most of uk channels.

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