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CNBC is a business and economic news channel that has been broadcasting in the US since 1989 as a successor to FNN (Financial News Network). It launched in Asia in 1994 and merged with ABN (Asia Business News) in 1997, creating the current CNBC Asia. Meanwhile in Europe it began broadcasting in 1996 and they merged with Dow Jones in 1998, where it was referred to as “CNBC – A Service of NBC Universal and Dow Jones”. CNBC Europe (now just referred to as ‘CNBC’ since a rebranding in 2008 but I will refer to it as CNBC Europe) is also the successor to EBN (European Business News). The channel is available in Europe on Astra 28E and Astra 19E and there is also a Hotbird 13E feed. It has several localised versions around Europe and Asia (eg CNBC Arabia, CNBC Africa) and these channels show mostly their own localised programming. CNBC Europe and Asia tend to simulcast a lot of CNBC US’ daily programming but they also show their own shows from their London and Singapore studios.
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Shows broadcast from CNBC Europe’s London studios include Europe Squawk Box (6-9am UK), Worldwide Exchange (9-11am UK, broadcast from London, New York and Singapore and European Closing Bell (4-5pm UK). Strictly Money used to be shown on the UK and Ireland feeds from 11am-12pm UK but it is no longer shown daily. It is only shown when there are big news stories affecting the UK such as interest rate decisions. These are important! The main CNBC US business day shows simulcasted by CNBC Europe include Squawk Box, Squawk on the Street, Power Lunch, Street Signs and Closing Bell. The full shows are generally shown. The business day programming from Europe and the US goes on until 10pm UK and from 10-11pm is the Documentary hour, when CNBC show original documentaries. These documentaries can be interesting and educational but they are repeated a lot! From 11-11.30pm they show half an hour of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, which is a popular US chat show.
                                                                                            JAY  LENO
From 11.30pm-12am the NBC Nightly News is shown live from NBC News’ NYC studios. I think these other shows are shown in these two hours because the time period from 10pm-12am is a quiet time for business news seeing as the US markets are closed and the Asian markets are not yet open. From 12am onwards Asia Squawk Box and CNBC’s Cash Flow are shown. I used to joke that these were on overnight because nobody was watching, even though in reality it’s because of time zones. These shows are not always that exciting but they are watchable after a night out! At weekends CNBC’s programming consists of sports, luxury life shows (showing expensive luxury goods only the mega-rich can afford), opera and news round-up/current affairs type shows. They also show two 45-min episodes of Jay Leno every Saturday and Sunday evening. The weekend programming section’s known as “CNBC Life”. CNBC also show the Wall Street Journal Report with Maria Bartiromo every Saturday morning, as well as various repeats early in the mornings when nobody’s watching, and also some boring shopping and religion shows on Sunday mornings. I never understood why they were on the channel though.
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The important thing to remember about CNBC is that its main target audience is businesspeople, which is why it might seem confusing and boring the first time you look at it. However after a while it can be really interesting to watch. You learn a lot about business from it and with the credit crunch, recession etc. it is just as important to know what’s going on in the business world as it is to know about what’s going on everywhere else. The stock ticker can be the most confusing part of CNBC with all the figures scrolling across the bottom of the screen. The top bar of the screen shows currencies, commodities and major market indices. The bottom two scrolling bars (the ticker) show real-time stock figures for major companies either in the US or European markets and during the European business day there is a third scrolling line showing the major business news (and the odd time general news) headlines of the day. This news ticker is very useful for getting the headlines! The best thing about this channel is the news coverage; it can be especially good for important breaking news stories in the business world and occasionally major general news stories. It is also more watchable than it’s rival Bloomberg (Bloomberg is sleep-inducing!) and the banter between the presenters is good. There’s also the resident crazy man, Jim Cramer, who appears in a segment on US Street Signs between 7.30 and 8pm every evening. The news anchors of CNBC are generally quite good. CNBC US’ Maria Bartiromo (host of US Closing Bell) is known as the “Money Honey” and I think she is the star of CNBC. Erin Burnett of Squawk on the Street and US Street Signs is also a good anchor; she reports the news well but likes to have a bit of banter with co-hosts.


                                                                                  MARIA BARTIROMO 

However, the only disadvantage of this channel is the adverts. There are so many! If you record coverage and fast forward it they’re fine but watching recorded stuff isn’t great with live news. The ads can be useful though for a toilet break, checking emails or getting a drink or some food from the kitchen. Watching too much CNBC in one day is not a great idea as it can get a bit boring (even if you are a massive fan!), especially if there are others in the house who want to watch other TV! It can become addictive. The solution to that is to either tell them to record their other shows, watch online or get another telly and multiroom. 


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So if you are a business person working in the city (where offices might have either CNBC or Bloomberg in the background), studying business in university, an investor in the stock market or just somebody interested in the events in the business world, flick to CNBC and watch for a while. It is definitely worth it, you will learn a lot from it.


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*all programming times mentioned in this article are UK rather than CET



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