Alternative to a set top box: smart TVs?

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    Gary D

    I have a Samsung smart TV here in the UK (not one of those listening ones thankfully), but there are no apps available for live streaming of UK TV.

    It then occurred to me that the TV does have a browser, so I tried opening up in the browser with the expectation that an unavailable plugin would be needed.

    To my surprise, it actually worked! Most of the UK FTA and some FTV channels are available and work quite well.

    I won’t be trying this in France as we don’t have a smart TV there, plus the monthly data limits for our satellite broadband would severely limit the usage, but was wondering if anyone else has tried this outside of the UK?


    Gary D

    …oh and by the way, navigation in the Samsung TV browser is a nightmare because it has a cursor/pointer that is moved by up/down/left/right buttons on the remote, and right next to them are the Return and Exit buttons which I frequently press by accident…



    Hi Gary, afraid I don’t have a smart TV so cannot be of help. However, thought I would reply just to keep you company 🙂 . You’ve been on your own for more than a week, keeping Robs going single handed – bit of an uphill struggle as I don’t see much of note happening on the satellite front……



    Hi, I haven’t posted on this forum for ages (nothing much to say!) Yes, I too have a Samsung smart TV and I confirm that Filmon works with it here in the south of France. However, I get a better result by using my PC, using the Filmon App for Windows 7 and the PC connected to the TV with an HDMI cable. The TV’s picture treatment does a passable job of smoothing out motion jerkyness and sharpening the picture a little. It’s watchable. I know several people who manage to watch quite a bit of Filmon via satellite Internet and it works OK, but of course, it’s no substitute for a normal broadband connection.


    Gary D

    Hi Derek & Froggie!

    My main motivation for trying this out was to see if I could get some of the Freeview channels that are available on the main transmitters but not transmitted on small TV repeaters such as our local one here in Surrey, e.g. Yesterday, Pick, Dave, Really, etc. (Not that I have much interest in them, just proof of concept really).

    I have unlimited data fibre optic broadband here, so download speed and data usage isn’t an issue unlike in France with my 10GB per month limit.

    Anyway, I hope things pick up a bit here when we approach the spring equinox and get the (usual?)signal instabilities again, plus there’s 2G to look forward to 🙂

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