Astra 28.2 E and F failure in Denmark February 2014

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    The switch over from N1 was partially completed on 6th February 2014 so NO SIGNAL for all BBC channels. The switch for ITV is apparently due early next week, so then ITV will disappear too. Channel 5 went last year, so that completes the diminishing of the satellite footprint.

    The general opinion appears not to panic YET.

    Denmark and Scandinavia will struggle the further east and north one is. As the image indicates, even in the UK a 45 cm dish will not be enough everywhere. The south east and far north for example will need a 60 cm dish. This means we are looking to dishes of 90 cm and more in Denmark.

    Please post your experiences and solutions. Thanks!



    No 90cm here in Jylland is much to little.I think 180cm is maybe even not enough
    I have 130 cm,and it is to Little.



    Thank you, Hans Jensen. Have you done anything to retune your receiver or realign your dish? I am not a technical person, but others have been talking of various first steps. I am very much afraid we are too far North and East to ever receive a signal, no matter how large the dish! 🙁

    But we will only know for sure when they have fully adjusted everything.



    Hi, as all are aware BBC channels are gone, we have a 150cms dish here in Odense which has been very reliable, but the channels are gone so 90 cms definately aint gonna Work. Anyone tried retuning the receiver?

    Paul Odense



    130cm dish in Odense and all signal lost on BBC

    Have been looking for information about retuning.
    Does anybody know if it is needed ? (have org sky digibox)

    Thomas Odense



    Sorry boys, I am not re-tuning or doing anything until after ITV goes west.

    From what the techies on the German page are saying, it looks like physical tweaking of the dish looks promising. They are measuring frequency quality and strength before starting. A Satellite Signal Strength Meter costs from €20 and a callout by a competent firm considerably more, but YMMV.

    Thanks for telling me the worst about dish size. I had gathered as much (see SES graphic). Unfortunately there are restrictions on the size we can use, so will have to look to alternatives via the internet until such time as we buy a new house. Seems a bit extreme just to watch TV, but there you go. It beats returning to the UK, which I have heard others are seriously contemplating! 🙂



    Having a 85 cm oval dish with a cheap lnb I just managed to find BBC, ITV and the “4” channels.

    We have lost BBC2 HD, but the rest are there, even ITV HD.

    Admittedly today is a nice clear day 🙂

    Karby, Mors



    Thanks for that, @Torben Storgaard

    Also thank you for adding your position to the ASTRA 28 RECEPTION MAP above.

    Please can all contributors in Denmark add markers to that map, so we can build up a picture of what is possible and what is working (or not) for you? That would be an enormous help. Thank you.

    We spent €400 upgrading just in November, so my partner needs convincing more investment will pay dividends. 😉



    Hmmm. The channels started pixilating around 7pm and 30 mins later they were all gone. 🙁

    Have been done a lot of reading up on things, and have found that my LNB doesn’t actually fit the dish so I will try a new lnb. My thought is the Inverto Quad 40mm LNB (Black Ultra), which should have a reasonable effect under the edges of a satellite footprint.

    As I got clear viewing last night I am assuming that I should be able to get a constant signal with the right equipment, but that’s based on a layman’s logic.

    I’ll keep you posted 🙂



    Good luck! Layman’s logic is as good as anything in the current situation! 😉 You may also like to subscribe to the German forum, Torben. More technical knowledge and experience there than here (so far). @steve … … in Munich seems to think that there will be “fine tuning” of the satellite in the coming days and weeks to reduce the footprint of ASTRA 28.2 even more than at present. That will be even worse for those of us already on the eastern fringe as well as (too far?) north. Others on the margins also seem to be very weather dependent, but when the sun shines, who wants to watch TV? 🙁 My cousin in S. France says that the signal has beamed 40,000 km so a bit of cloud does not make much difference. I beg to differ. We could never watch UK TV when it was snowing or in heavy rain. Will look forward to hearing how you fare. By the way, if you list your equipment/set up under “signature” in your profile here, you will not need to keep repeating what you are currently using and give others something to relate to. Good luck!



    Hi all, I am a complete novice at this, but would really like some advice.

    I have a 90-100cm dish, which I have adjusted the best I could a year ago. I am running a Sky HD box. I am located in Ã…rhus.
    On the Germany forum it mentions that the ITV HD channels are staying where they were, along with all the SKY channels. I am getting the SKY channels, but it is really hit and miss as to what else. Over the week I have had/lost most of the UK main channels. I have 5HD, More4, and some others.

    Can anyone actually tell me what channels are not going to be changed with the current move? Such as the HD channels (apart from BBC)




    Hi everyone,
    I live about 20 mins north of Viborg, N/W Denmark, Had been getting UK TV through satellite dish with hard drive for many years! do not have SKY, all BBC,ITV channel 4 have gone, lost channel 5 about a year ago, is there ever gonna be a way to get these back? are they available through SKY? I am bit confused to what is happening. I can only get channels like pick, reality, more movies etc. now!
    If anyone has any answers about how to get BBC etc back please let me know! the only way I get it now is through I player on PC, not the same though!


    Hannah =)


    Steve ……

    Hi Hannah……your prob is the same as most.!!…First …BBC ITV etc cannot now be easily received on sky even if you pay for Sky…ITV HD 2,3,4 are all on skyHD and can be received easily….Not ITV 1 Tho..!!

    You will need a bigger dish to get BBC etc….Back.!……..Check out the reception map on the right side of the page for signal reports And dish sizes from your area…..

    Try “Filmon” on your pc or iPad ,,,BBC etc are live on there ….

    I hope this Helps in some way…..

    Also more info about your current setup ..would be nice……





    We are “on the edge” and have been effectively cut off from the UK satellite footprint. However, we are building a fair picture of reception in Denmark. Will new members please add their position to the ASTRA 28.2E RECEPTION MAP up at the top right of this page? You will need to log on as a Google user then follow the instructions. As you will see, there are not many markers in Denmark yet.

    From what everyone is saying, a 130 cm dish appears to be a minimum requirement, with some saying 150 cm, 180 cm or even more! Accurate realignment is crucial and will take time and patience. Please check out the German page for more advice and to hear what other people have chosen to install.

    I also have zero knowledge, but simply retuning is not going to work. You can of course try. Subscription to Sky is not a fix either. Upgrading your equipment is the only solution, I’m afraid.


    Steve ……

    Hi JFK…..I know some of us are expecting the signal to be reduced or fine tuned in the next few months….as it was Last year with 2F..!…..don’t forget that it’s just a guess..!!.of what might happen….to try to warn others not to rush in and buy a dish that’s too smalll…..this might be different this year….as the old 1N satelite has now moved away and might improve things..TBH..since 1N has moved away signal appears to be better……it’s really a question of wait and see…..




    Now we have had some time without allot of the channels, What is the best way to get Sky back in Odder Denmark

    I have a 110 dish



    Hi Chris

    It is not looking good. Unfortunately few have placed markers on the map at

    We had a guy come round to assess the situation and he said we would have to apply for planning permission for anything larger than 120 cm. I think that puts and end to satellite for us. I am now watching online and will make do with that. I don’t think you will get Sky, but you could be lucky with satellite if you upsize. The think is, how far are you prepared to go?


    Janet in Flensburg



    Just updated my dish to a Triax 110. After a couple of days of fine tuning it gave us 2 more hours in the evening. So instead of starting to pixilate at around 6pm it now starts at around 8pm.

    Is there anyone out there who has any experience with signal amps?

    We do not have more that around 60 feet of coaxial cable, but my theory is that maybe an amp will be able to give us a stronger signal after 8pm. I found a 75ohm, adjustable 20dB attenuator with a frequency range from 5 – 2400Mhz.

    Am I way of the mark with this theory or could it work (i am obviously not a wiz in this area)?



    amplifiers amplify both signal and noise. Usually they won’t help, there is only a slight chance if the cable would be too long. 60 feet is not, unless there is a fault.

    If you loose signal around 8 you will need at least a 150cm dish. Is that 2E or 2F which you loose ?



    Thanks for the input caz


    I think it is 2F as it is only the UK spotbeam that goes. I bought new high quality cable last year to ensure as little loss as possible.


    Never considered that the amp also effects the noice. Guess there isn’t much to do about the prob then apart from fitting a larger dish. Not sure we would find a 150 cm dish appealing though :-).


    Steve ……

    [quote=10366]Just updated my dish to a Triax 110. After a couple of days of fine tuning it gave us 2 more hours in the evening. So instead of starting to pixilate at around 6pm it now starts at around 8pm. Is there anyone out there who has any experience with signal amps? We do not have more that around 60 feet of coaxial cable, but my theory is that maybe an amp will be able to give us a stronger signal after 8pm. I found a 75ohm, adjustable 20dB attenuator with a frequency range from 5 – 2400Mhz. Am I way of the mark with this theory or could it work (i am obviously not a wiz in this area)? [/quote]

    Torben………A …..”75ohm, adjustable 20dB attenuator with a frequency range from 5 – 2400Mhz.”……….is not a signal amplifier !… fact …its the opposite…….a signal attenuator is designed to reduce the signal strength……….

    But as “Caz” says…….a signal amplifier  will also not help……and will make your signal worse ……..just a Bigger dish is the solution………



    Steve: Told you I’m not a wiz in this area and it appears that I was right 🙂

    Thank you both kindly for your comments.

    How much is a 150 cm dish in Germany? In Denmark they are ridiculously expensive (just as everything else) .



    250-350e depending on where you buy.


    Steve ……

    Caz………would you really recommend  a Gibertini..?……….after my and your experiences with the Gibby 150 cm …i would  personally avoid Gibertini dishes…….

    Torben……If you give more details of which channels you lose….at 8pm……we could maybe help more……..are you saying ….you only lose 2F ..?..(CH5 ,  Channel4HD and  BBC News HD  )………or do you lose 2E channels also..?…BBC 1 London or ITV London and ch 4 SD  …for example..?………..and at what time do the channels come back..?…….





    From what you are saying Steve it appears that we don’t even have anything from 2F. Think we lost channel 5 in 2012.

    We lose:
    BBC 1, 2, 3, 4, 2HD, News
    ITV 1, 2, 3, 4 and the +1’s that goes with them (For some reason ITV HD now comes up saying that it is scrambled, when did that happen?)
    E4, Channel 4, More 4, Film 4.

    So it appears that it is the whole UK Footprint that goes.

    We maintain a perfect reception of the other channels like Sky News, True Entertainment etc.

    It makes perfect sense that a 150 cm dish would give us the extra oomph we need, I got the 110 because I found it with a 70 % discount :). We had an 85 cm dish before, so from what I can gather we increased the area of the dish by around 33 %, going up to a 150 cm dish would give 33 % or so on top of what we have now.

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