Astra 2E/2F reception February

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    BBC 1 etc down to 65% on my 120cm dish south west France (South of Touoluse) from 90%+ yesterday. Hoping a bit of fine tuning will bring it up!?



    Hi all, been patiently waiting in teh wings to see hwo this all pans out. Did not get time to check the signal this morning as had to be at work for early meetings

    Will be checking tonight when I get home what damage has been done

    I live just outside Innsbruck.

    Fingers crossed and fingers crossed to all others waking up this morning to see what is what



    Dish tweaking time! To receive UK channels I had to align perfectly on 1N, if I aligned on 2A or 2B didn’t get any. Looks like I’ll have to repeat the exercise on 2E 0.22 degrees (1N to 2E) doesn’t sound a lot but it’s enough for me to loose the weaker signals on a 1.3m dish. Just need it to stop raining.



    Just come back in and the BBC HD channels have appeared.
    Signals up from 6.8 -> 7.5 dB on SD
    HD channels showing 7.3dB

    So obviously little rain threshold but providing SES don’t tweak the signals again, we have life!

    Ch4HD on 2F is pixilating heavily (6.5dB ), so 2E is stronger than 2F ………. at the moment!



    Central Portugal, lost all BBC ch ITV and C4 ok at present but not sure if they have moved yet 1.5m dish



    Om 1m dish BBC still watchable, occasionally the sound breaks up, the receiver box suggests similar signals to Channel 5 i.e. 2F. Putting the meter on the cable I get lock on Channel 5 but no lock on BBC1. So suggestion of slightly weaker signal from 2E. Moving to the 1.2 m dish with Sat meter I get lock with both BBC and Channel 5. Channel 5 is showing 5% more quality and 0.7db more signal, again suggesting 2F is slightly better here in South of France.



    2E Channels now listed on KingsofSat but all HD. Begs the question where are we getting Sky/Sky Sports from as we have SD. Things have definitely changed – lost Sky Sports 4+5 and Eurosport 2 but other Sky Channels, Sky News are stronger??????

    Sounds like not too bad news for folk in W. Europe?



    All BBC HD chs down a bit (were S80 Q100) now S70 Q80. Worst BBC is RB which is S65 Q80. Haven’t done a thorough look round but mostly all seems ok but too soon to know what else has/hasn’t been switched to 2E-UK. And will it wobble ….?




    as everyone is putting their reports online, I do not want to be the one who does not.

    BBC 1 — NO signal (all local BBC1 as well)
    BBC 2 — NO signal
    BBC 3 — NO signal
    BBC 4 — NO signal
    BBCHD — NO signal (all the BBC HD ch)
    BBC NEWS — NO signal
    SKY NEWS — 100% strength and 100% quality
    ITV — 100% strength and 100% quality
    ITV+1 — NO signal
    ITV2 — 100% strength and 100% quality incl. +1 ch
    ITV3 — 100% strength and 100% quality incl. +1 ch
    ITV4 — 100% strength and 100% quality incl. +1 ch
    ITVHD — 100% strength and 100% quality incl. +1 ch
    C4 — 100% strength and 100% quality incl. +1 ch
    C4 HD — NO signal
    C5 — NO signal
    E4 — 100% strength and 100% quality incl. +1 ch
    More4 — 100% strength and 100% quality incl. +1 ch

    All taken after sun rise (9am local time) with about 80% clouds here in the north of Germany (Braunschweig near Hannover).
    Using a 1.0m Schwaiger dish with a quad LMB and a Humax HD receiver.

    Oh, does anyone know if the ITV channels have moved as well? I am wondering if it might be worth investing in a bigger dish but I might wait to check what the signal will do during the night and different weather conditions.
    When the weather is best for reception I will test the BBC channels again. Perhaps I need to change the position of my dish a little bit. But hey, for the time beeing I am 80% happy that I can still pick up some of the channel I like. Only my 6year old son is said as he couldn’t watch CBBC/ CBBIES this morning. Better find a solution soon as –> Happy son means Happy dad means happy family


    Please let the reports from Germany come in.



    We’re between Grasse and Nice in the South East of France with an 80 cm dish.
    BBC1 & 2 and C5 are watchable. BBC1 is 60% sig strength, BBC2/C5 are 50%.
    BBC1 HD was unavailable an hour ago but just appeared with ~40% sig strength.
    BBC RB1 on 981 good enough to watch the winter Olympics:-)
    The suns out (first time for a while) so it’ll be interesting to see what happens when the rain returns tonight.

    Rob in Rock4.



    Not so Good Morning

    Bye Bye Channels formerly the BBC have been lost near Gibraltar. No Radio 2 either so now the pressure is on to find a cost effective solution. What is the consensus on what will happen to ITV? At present we have lost ITV1HD on 178 but are receiving all the other ITV’s. Guess we need to wait a little longer to see what happens and if any other tweaks are made to the signal. Clear Sky down here at present so cant blame the weather!



    All bbc stations no signal on 2E but watching bbc wales hd from 2F not good news seems uk beam tighter than everybody thought

    Alicante 1.37 famaval and Ferguson 102e hd box



    Only using the free to air channels here in Moraira, Spain. All BBC & ITV are ok along with all Ch 4 & all Ch 5 the only channels we have lost is Challenge & Challenge +1.

    Using a 1.1 dish and Faval s75 sd box



    All bbc channels gone in Torrevieja, Spain this morning . 1.2 dish and and Big Sat hd receiver. Channel 5 now poor reception .



    At the moment 9.45 we have lost bbc1 hd & bbc2 hd but all bbc signal has dropped by 30%.cbbc hd is 50%sq and pixilating,everything else is watchable but this evening could be another story.All itv is very strong HAS ITV MOVED?
    How are you faring Gary or are you in the uk?
    Again I ask what has happened to the detailed info about location of members,it was very useful?



    Apologies re location its back.



    Milanville: PHEW!!!!

    BBC1, 2 – check!
    RB1 and 2 – check!
    ITV1+1 – check! (but this is on 2F anyway, I dont think the 1N transmission has come across yet – 10758 V 22 5/6) : good news for Tom!)

    I think only the BBC channels have moved across so far.

    Im looking at my old fashioned screen based signal meter for 2F and 2E and read as follows (selected channels):

    S & Q 70, 90 – 2F for 11126 V (4/seven)
    S & Q 70, 90 – 2F for 11052 H (ITV 1 my region)

    S & Q 80, 90 – 2E for 10788 V (BBC1 my region)
    S & Q 80, 90 – 2E for 10818 V (BBC3)

    So for ME, it seems the 2E signal is slightly stronger than 2F. Good news!



    I have been running the freesat receiver in the background and I am just picking up a signal on all the BBC ch. excl. the HD ch.

    The signal (@ 10am with a few clouds in the sky) is S-85% and Q-40% on the Humax.

    No signal on the Bush in other room. ?!?



    ok now I get all the fta hd channels in 2e but the signal level is very low compared to 2f, whereas the sky is clear.
    Unexpectedly, however, I have no errors on signal differently from the channel ch4 hd that has more signal but with a higher level of error.

    I just have to wait until things stabilize and then I can think about replacing my dish 80cm triax with a 1 meter Gibertini …



    I repeat Tom, I dont think the ITV channels have moved yet. I think they are still spread across 1N and 2F. (If you want, why not look them up here:



    Here in Fréjus, I’m now getting the same level of reception on BBC as with C5. It seems it changed during the night! Not usable for me. Reception quality between 50 – 60%



    Reception here in SW France, 10.00am local:from 2E I can just get BBC 1 SE on 10803H coming in at about 40% on the Satlink finder which corresponds to 50% on the Humax box. BBC1 London and BBC 2 England on 10773H is at 35% and ‘no signal’ respectively. 2F 11126V C4HD 4/7 is at around 41%. How far they drop by the end of the day remains to be seen but if they follow the usual pattern then I expect they will be down to <20%. The weather here is cloudy with sunny intervals and a little light rain. Its not as bad as it could have been, however if it stays like this then a 150cm dish will struggle.

    Before and after scans taken at 12.00 midnight last night and 09.30 local this morning.



    Froggie – what is your dish size and setup? I’m just up the road from you, but not at home at the moment to test.



    Hameln Germany lost bbc2 had but able to receive bbc England itv strong suspect it hasn’t moved? C4 HD showing c/N 20 level 53 Ber 415
    At moment all seems well



    Quick update from Braunschweig (200km west of Berlin).

    BBC signal are getting better as the day goes on. Sky is almost clear and at 10:30am I had a nice picture on all BBC SD ch. with S 85-90% and Q 50-55%.

    I still can not pick up Ch5 (or any other 2f ch.) of the 2f sat.

    Perhaps I need to upgrade my setup. From a 1.0m dish to a bigger dish and perhaps a better lnb.

    Any suggestions what lnb (quad if possible) would be best for a low signal setup?

    Thanks for all the help and a big THANKS for this website. TNX

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