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    I’ve just read on another website that when Astra 2G is up and running, that the 2A channels will be switched to 2G and Sky will be completely lost in Cyprus. Does anyone know what effect this will have on Greece and especially the southern parts?


    Steve ……

    Hi Lilly…I suppose it might have a effect for some ? …..But won’t Sky channels Be swapped from 2A Europe Beam to 2G Europe beam.?…
    So If you can receive 2E / 2F europe beams……nothing …(in theory) …should change ?…as 2G is supposed to be identical to 2E & 2F..?



    Hi Steve, that’s what I thought but reading this
    I am a bit confused???????



    I do wonder what all the Astra 2g uk beam transponders will be used for, there will be more than needed for just some bbc1 HD regions.



    Have tried to post 4xs tonight. Thanks for the replies. I am confused and concerned about 2G having read the “news” in the satellite in Spain and Potugal website.



    Lilly, for some reason the forum thought your post was spam. This happened before with somebody else trying to post a link to the skyinmadrid website. She ended up posting about 2 pages of stuff which only I could see, some 20 or more posts, as it was all marked as spam by the website so she thought it wasnt working.

    Im not sure why. Links work for other people?

    I’ll look in to it and see if I can unblock links to that site.



    Cheers Paul!



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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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