Chromecast iPlayer outside the UK

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    I don’t want to bang on about this (I have posted twice on the issue) but if you’re wanting to watch the BBC and need a backup/alternaive to satellite reception this is the way to go. All that is required is a Chromecast dongle which costs just 35 euros and plugs into the HDMI socket, and a subscription to Unblock.US (3 euros per month) or similar DNS redirecting service. The only complicated bit is having to circumvent the fact that the Chromecast is hardcoded to use Google DNS and However, there is a simple workaround which is described here: and here: It consists of configuring your rooter to use the BlockUS DNS servers and then using IP rooting to direct the and addresses to a false IP. When the Chromecast fails to reach the Google DNS servers it falls back on the rooter configered DNS (i.e. unblockus) and its internal iPlayer will work. Perfect HD playback remotely controlled from your PC, tablet or phone. If you have decent broadband, I can’t recommend this highly enough.


    Well you may get bbc iplayer or any other bbc channel online even if your presence physically is not in UK, you may show your online presence in UK via

    Chromecast is easy to setup on any device:
    contact purevpn’s support team
    They have detailed information, its simple


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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