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    Couldn’t do any checks yesterday as it was rain and thunderstorms from dawn till dusk!
    This morning not a cloud in the sky nor any BBC channels (except olympic Red Button), zero, zilch, nothing!
    Still have all ITV except ITV1 HD, guessing they haven’t moved yet.
    I’m going to wait until ALL the migrations have been carried out and then try some “micro” adjustments to my 1.3m dish. To receive BBC before changes I had to align perfectly on 1N not 2A, if I aligned on 2A I got none of the BBC. Exercise will be repeated on 2E in the near future.



    Do you still have ITV channels on HD now change has taken place?


    Gary D

    Lilly, how are you getting on now the changes are more or less completed?

    If you have lost BBC & ITV, I’d keep checking Sky’s website as they might add the UK public service channels to their subscription packages…



    Hi Gary! We lost BBC years ago and ITV/Channels 4/5 over a year ago. Can’t remember when but certainly over 12 months ago. We are on Pan European beam and SD. We GAINED Sky Sports 4&5 and Eurosport 2 about 12 months ago but signals were weaker so as soon as it rained, we lost Sky Sports and Sky News. Since last week we have lost Sky Sports 4&5 again and Eurosport 2 BUT the Sky Sport and Sky News signal is stronger so we are pretty happy. IF we want to watch those channels, we can always use or Skygo on the internet. We are used to using Filmon and iPlayers for other UK TV so are OK as long as we have unlimited BB. After March next year, we might be reduced to 50GB per month so will need to use other options – maybe Sky HD if still available, especially with some ITV.
    Any info would be gratefully received!



    Given up on the idea of a bigger dish!! Don’t think I’d get planning permission for an 8m dish!
    Using FilmOn (free) at the moment, anyone know if it’s worth paying the subscription????
    What I have found is that FilmOn runs better on Andriod than Windows using same connection. (Pain in the a*s* running extra HDMI connection – and getting out of chair to change channels).
    All suggestions/alternatives requested.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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