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    Sorry I dont have time to read every message on every thread, but it seems people are getting annoyed with things here for whatever reason.

    What do you all want to do? Obviously the place isn’t the same without Rob. This was pretty much his life, he was on it nearly all day every day. I don’t have the time, knowledge or finances to be able do that.

    If the website is to continue then I will probably ask for assistance
    As mentioned a while ago, my early idea was to make it a type of “wiki”, where people can update the pages and make them better and keep the info up to date. Obviously I would need other users to check the content before it got published. I would also need some forum moderators to move “off-topic” etc posts to the correct forum.

    The website still gets about 15000 unique visitors a month. It would be a shame to let it go. But it does need sorting out and updating and obviously I havent got half as much done as I would like.
    I have to try and earn money somewhere and try to do websites for people and whatever else I can do to earn a few quid to fix the car and to live. Also I have been volunteering somewhere for a few weeks before I broke my leg. All of which doesnt help me have loads of time to improve the site and keep an eye on everything.

    So. I think will add a poll function on the side of the site. See if people think the site is worth continuing with or not.



    (As I see it, for what its worth….)

    I think there are some ‘power users’ of this site, some technical, some dedicated, some frequent returners, and I think they are the best people to comment and hear their opinion. Many are ‘team Rob’ and may seem it just isnt the same. Others are more recent joiners and may have a different opinion (not been privy to Robs ‘unique way and contribution). Of course without Rob this are going to be different. No ‘News Updates’ and predictions (with one continuous long string of text and no punctuation) to tantalize us, and no one seemingly in a position to trawl through the links Paul provided from Robs machine to trawl through and see if any nuggets can be found.

    So it just leaves the forum. Again, without Rob and his (sometimes over zealous) moderator’s hand squeezing our thread-deviating necks and keeping us in line then it is down to forum users/posters to apply their self-discipline to try and keep to thread topics (without stressing too much about the odd slip or comment that might slightly veer off temporarily) whilst maintaining a decorum and politeness to other users who have the same privilege and responsibility of use.

    The problem is…. is anyone
    a, willing to be a moderator
    b, open minded enough to be a moderator (ie, not silencing someone just because they said something you dont agree with)
    c, have the time to be a moderator

    Its not without reason that I personally think it can continue without an appointed moderator (especially with the new added ‘REPORT’ button that will alert Paul of something foul should it get out of hands.). But then again, a dedicated moderator will be a bonus.

    People may think this site is no longer providing the information its reknown for and pretty worthless. (Such suggestion has been already said today). These people may leave whilst missing the point that they may also be the saviour if they were able and willing to take up this role. Others think the forum is a place for help from other users and also a place to have ‘friendly’ banter between ‘virtual friends’ as they were brought together through one common denominator. Both ideas and reasonable. Its down to the individual to act now upon their opinion.

    Ultimately it’s down to the frequenters. Would you miss this site even though Rob is no longer policing and providing content? Do you think the forum can continue without a moderator?



    This forum clearly needs a moderator, it is turning into a mess at the moment. This is a forum about satellite systems and close related subjects, not for all the other already mentioned messages (90% at the moment).



    It shouldnt matter that 90% of the messages are not satellite related. Most forums have off topic sections. I think the problem is that lots of threads go off on a tangent that have nothing to do with the original post, and people who have ticked the “notify me of replies by email” are getting annoyed.

    So yes, people need to try not to do that so much.

    I will try to keep a better eye on threads and remind people / move posts that need moving.

    I might get rid of most of the old pages and just have the site as a forum! Posting any relevant and useful info in the forums instead of pages. Since a lot of newcomers probably cant find what they want or find out of date info, and get confused. Probably doesnt help us get new members.



    It shouldn’t matter that 90% of the messages are not satellite related. Most forums have off topic sections.

    Yes but in the right forum maps. Lunch info, DIY info, Weather info an all the other nonsense should not be in a forum about satellite Q&A (technical) issues.

    I visit a lot of forums because I like to stay updated but I have never seen a mess as here, they stick to the forum subjects, if not ‘message deleted’

    Only a moderator can manage a forum properly and this is what this forum needs (again).



    I think personally some people on this site need to understand one word and that is RESPECT in the memory of Rob please calm it ah, if you have a problem with a person then write a email direct to that person stating what you think. For the love of GOD we are all adults here yes or no?. believe it or not we have one thing in common and that’s SATELLITE’s oh yes for some its life, for some its a hobby, and for some it’s just watching T.V. so come on Guys or Dolls stop bitching, who needs a moderator WHEN WE ARE ALL ADULTS. If i have upset someone so i am sorry but RESPECT works in two ways



    I was rather taken aback from yesterday’s sudden stream of events. I believe it is appropriate to review where the site now sits and to possibly do something about it. The uniqueness of Rob’s predictions, in both form and content, is gone and, as Jimi said, all we now have is the forum. One might question the rationale of it’s existence; There are many alternatives, it’s not a revenue-generating business, but instead takes resources to keep it going. On the other hand, each site has its own atmosphere with people that know and – most of the time – appreciate each other.
    I, for one, would not like to see the site disappear.

    So what can be done to rebuild some of it’s qualities? I think the Wiki is a great idea. I am member of another forum about Dutch living in France, which has something similar. It contains topic areas where both newcomers and folks already living in France get a wide variety of information – real-estate brokers, government, driving licenses, telephone, internet, etc. We could build something like that about satellite television and watching UK TV abroad. I’d be happy to participate.

    I agree with Phil’s statement that the most important rule for the forum is to treat others with respect. And I also agree that that has not happened all the time. I’ve personally taken exception to the choice of words used by some people and the abrasive nature of a few posts. Most of the time I’ve ignored these, because these discussions often have a tendency to become more hostile with every round. I do not agree with Phil that we don’t need a moderator. Judging by what happened apparently we do.
    Managing the content of the forum is another aspect that needs attention. Most forums recognise the need for members to chat, sometimes taking a thread off-topic for a while, sometimes in a designated chatting place. It’s not my cup of tea – had more than my share of that in the days of amateur radio – but it does help to build camaraderie between regular visitors. However, it does not attract new clientele. In fact, looking at the topic lists and the volume of not-satellite related matter, one would be hard pressed to assess what this site is about.

    And finally there’s the practical matter of the site’s layout and performance. Despite all your good efforts, Paul, of most of the sites I visit, this is the slowest to access. This may well be caused by the fact that I’m on satellite internet and the site needs many server round trips to complete. My primary access vehicle is an iPad – and the screen real-estate could be improved.

    So, in summary, I’d be sad to see Rob’s go and am willing to help.


    Gary D

    I too was dismayed with what happened over the past couple of days. I can only think that the wet winter is a contributing factor, and that some of us may unintentionally written something that has been interpreted in a way that was never intended by the originator.

    I feel that threads in all areas apart from the Off Topic area do need to have a degree of moderation, but it would be a lot of work for one person to do.

    Therefore, to help share the workload, I wonder if it is possible so have a rule where the thread originator is also the thread moderator, or that they have the ability to hide post content to prevent a thread from getting out of control.

    I realise this isn’t a perfect solution, since members come and go leaving a thread unmoderated, but if we combine this approach with having a central moderator this may help to reduce the workload of the central moderator.

    What do others think? I would really hate to see this site go…



    IPTV if youre still here. I knew there was a post you made somewhere which was exaggerating:

    Yes but in the right forum maps. Lunch info, DIY info, Weather info an all the other nonsense should not be in a forum about satellite Q&A (technical) issues.
    None of this is posted in the technical forum. You’re talking shit. It was all in the general chat forum not the “technical” forum. The genera forum was for exactly that, general conversations about anything. But to keep you or people who agree with you happy, I now made an “off topic” forum, as well as a “general satellite chat” forum. This should clear that matter up.
    Then there is the technical forum, and I will add specific satellite forums as threads come up about different satellites. E.g., I think we have had 1 topic about hotbird. Which doesnt really justify hotbird having its own forum yet but Ive made one for future use.

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I am giving it some thought.



    Firstly, although I much appreciated Rob’s strategic forecasts about what was happening, this site has continued to provide a useful information vehicle for me – both technical and non-technical.
    So I am in favour of it continuing, as I have gained valuable information from this (new) site, which is for me the point of being a forum member.

    Also Paul, stop beating yourself up! – I personally think you are doing a pretty good job considering your available time etc…. there are far worse sites around.

    Like IPTV, I am a member of a considerable number of moderated technical sites….. and to be honest at times (like frequently) there are some really serious fights – regardless of the moderator!
    Moderation only works, where there are stated “standards” and the moderator imposes a cooling off period on some people and if necessary closing down the thread… and people.
    Even I, will admit to being thrown off one US site for using some old fashioned English (sarcastic) humour which was not appreciated by the American moderator.

    So willing to contribute/help if required.



    Good point Twol. English humour (sarcasm) but definitely not understood or appreciated by the international community in the main. I think it would need someone (like yourself) who understands this trait to be a moderator in order to stop and sanitize such remarks if/when someone gets unnecessarily offended. Also, someone that is keeping an interest, with a reasonable amount of knowledge and technical understanding, is also a good contender.

    This sounds like YOU then Twol! 🙂

    Vote = 1 !



    “Flogging a dead horse” is an apt analogy Steve – if you adopt someone elses animal, you still have to feed it – if not it will die..!! Sorry to say it but although Paul has sorted out the site in terms of organization, layout and graphics (a bit like grooming the horse) I don’t see any new hay to eat.
    If the only reason for Rob’s to exist is for a few expats to exchange reception experience each time a new satellite is launched, then the outlook is indeed bleak 🙁 . Steve, you have done alot (more than anyone I dare say) to keep things moving by expanding the subject matter to things like the weather, the car, etc. but unfortunately they will not secure hits on internet for people looking for info on satellite broadcasting. That would mean changing the whole scope of the site and that is something only Paul can decide, and recently I feel that he is not really interested.
    Sorry if I’m wrong Paul but it would be good to get your take on the situation……..


    Gary D

    I’d just like to say that I like it here.

    If I were allowed three words to describe the people here, they would be relaxed, informal, knowledgeable.

    I suppose things are quiet because of the time of year, and because the satellite signals are so good at the moment. Wait until the spring equinox. I bet it’ll be a bit livelier then - if we are still here.

    Then there’s 2G to look forward to. That could liven up both TV and satellite broadband across parts of Europe.

    Looking back. – look at what’s been achieved: practical stuff like the rain hood ideas, and laser pen aiming devices amongst many others. This forum is a gold mine of ideas and it would be such a waste to lose it.

    Right – well intentioned rant over. Time for food 🙂


    Steve ……

    TBH….i’ve run out off ideas of stuff to post about……apart from…..”what Grass seed to use “…or ….. “whats the best chainsaw  to get”  🙂 …………

    I really must get my thinking hat on… 🙂  ……………….

    Or …maybe even get a Job….. 🙄 ……. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……….bad idea … 🙂 ……



    Sorry, screwed it up, will try again later 🙁



    Without this site, I probably wouldn’t have the good, stable sat reception I have. I’ve had invaluable info on dish size, LNBs, boxes, diseqc switches and attenuators. And all this from people who are, or have been, in similar circumstances. Theory is great, but if you want something to work, you can’t beat someone saying “This is where I am and what I’ve done. This works and this doesn’t.” Not only does it save money, but also a lot of time and effort.

    Rob’s may be a victim of its own success. We’ve all got working systems due to the info and advice we’ve received and so there’s not much left to say.

    So, barring a mega downturn in signal in the spring, a widening of the scope of the site may be the best way forward.

    I hope the site continues; I like it here.



    BTW: What did happen over the past two days? What did I miss? Have the naughty posts been removed? 🙂


    Steve ……

    Don’t worry Tim…..You missed nothing …and no posts have been removed… (not as if that ever happens these days) …….

    I just had a little rant………about the lack of activity on here……



    Tim, also my post was removed only because I was trying to do impossible things (quote 2 previous posts on the same reply) and it didn’t work 🙁 . Might try again when the next batch of ironing is finished…!!!



    The good thing with this site, is that we know most people have roughly the same issues (apart from Steve’s cars), which means that it is a good sanity check if you experience problems.

    A lot better than some sites run by technical wizards/guru’s.

    Last week, I was trying to find out how to do something on a new E2 (linux) sat receiver and googled the problem – found a similar question on one of the  “top E2 technical” forums, where this genius in response to a poor bastard like me, said “we don’t provide direct support for this feature, so that idiots(people that don’t know how to do it)  don’t wreck their system, and if you had the skills (meaning intelligence)) you would already know how to do it.”


    Really helpful – unlike this site!



    It’s not that I’m not interested, just that my limited amount of time I can spend on the computer doing web design (due to that looking at computer screens make me feel like shit) is taken up currently by some paid work for a festival which is now an ongoing thing for me. It has been a busy few months setting up their website and things for next year’s event. Hoping it calms down a bit in a few weeks as come March this site will get hammered by people searching for free F1 again. I will be concentrating in that direction (google adverts helps pays the bills and thousands of people every other weekend clicking on some of them ) as I know the satellite side of things is bleak, you were right. I had ideas for developing the site (changing the site in to more of a public wiki where people could edit/improve articles/pages, getting my own motorised system so I could write more satellite related “how to” guides etc. IPTV, Proxy TV etc) but they’re all time consuming and as mentioned I got involved with this festival in August.

    If I can point people in the right direction for free F1 and make a few quid from the google adverts etc which helps pay the bills then that is what it will be. Maybe using filmon and making it a site with info on “how to watch (your country here) TV from abroad” and even embed some of their channels here etc…which I did start.

    So I will be around a bit more from Feb/March and think a complete overhaul of the direction of the site is in order at some point….just finding the time to do it! (still will have the forums of course)



    Actually saying “a complete overhaul of the direction of the site” makes it sound more drastic than it is.

    I did start when I made the front page display the main forum index…and never got around to doing much more than that! Hopefully the next few months with the F1 back I will get in to it again and get more things done.



    Paul, your response is appreciated and it is obvious that you do not have the time and resource to spend on the site that Rob did. However, if your mission for the site is (I quote), “point people in the right direction for free F1 and make a few quid from the google adverts etc which helps pay the bills” then I think regular contributors (myself included) will be disappointed. A year ago, yourself and others recognised the need for change and there were several suggestions and offers of assistance – nothing has changed. If, as you stated then, the site is still getting about 15000 unique visitors a month, and if, for you, this is to be considered an index of success for the site, then so be it (it’s yours now).

    The reaction of forum members has been unanimous, all enjoy being on Robs, all feel a sort of comradeship/friendship here, all have learned something or been able to teach something to others, primarily through honest hands-on experience rather than theoretical bla bla bla. It would be great to see the family expand, to attract more members in need of help and able to help, to share our knowledge with them but to continue learning ourselves. Not sure how realistic this is, not everyone is leaving the UK to live in foreign parts, not everyone is replacing their terrestial aerial with a dish,

    One last word on “respect”, a fundemental value for the success of the forum. 2014 has proved that we do not need a moderator to keep us in line. Maybe moderation is still needed for organizational reasons but not to teach us how to behave!!

    Happy new year to all and let’s just keep on contributing whatever we can.



    And let me add my five pence(or cents?)

    Fist I remember and have enjoyed Rob s website ,RIP

    Thanks to the present wesite I enjoy good reception(much more stable than before)

    ,and I don t have to go out and swing my dish to Astra 2 ,and back to Hotbird

    since we are using several sats/languages/ at home…France,Spain,Italy,Germany …and UK of course

    ,because the site gave me courage and interest in setting up a second dish,of appropriate diameter and relevant LNB!


    So a big thank you & best wishes to you all on the site!

    rod in Carcassonne



    Most of those thousands of visitors a month are over the F1 weekends.

    Rob had a good list of EU channels which is how they find the site via google. Unfortunately I have not been able to replicate that list without good satellite knowledge and access to a few EU satellites, but as people are still landing here searching for free F1, I do have good knowledge of the internet and have been able to provide links where they can watch it, and hopefully continue to attract people via google and maybe some of them will become members and have something to contribute.
    A few of these thousands of visitors click google / amazon / filmon links it does pay the £60 a month I pay for the server! (after the issues the site had a while back running so slowly I had enough and started renting a dedicated UK server) And hopefully I have a few quid left over (not so much during winter!) to help pay some bills to warrant the amount of time I was spending on the site.

    Now it’s ticking over on auto mode and you’re correct it doesn’t need a moderator so much, though I do try to keep an eye on it in case any spammers manage to make an account. However it probably wont tick over forever on auto mode hence I will be back to update and improve things when I can, although as mentioned it probably wont be so much on satellite info as I don’t have the knowledge, rather internet TV and F1 links etc, as this is what keeps the site going, but I will still be considering other options such as a wiki etc…but we’ll see.







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