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    Given up on the idea of a bigger dish!! Don’t think I’d get planning permission for an 8m dish!
    Using FilmOn (free) at the moment, anyone know if it’s worth paying the subscription????
    What I have found is that FilmOn runs better on Andriod than Windows using same connection. (Pain in the a*s* running extra HDMI connection – and getting out of chair to change channels).
    All suggestions/alternatives requested.



    The little Android IPTV Box i am installing for my Customers is working pretty nicely.
    It runs XBMC with Filmon or notFilmon. Both can be streamed in HD without a subscription, no adds, full screen etc…..
    A good solution just spo long as they dont get shut down!!



    Montgolfiere,,, what is the name of the box you install, and do you know if i will be able to get one in spain . thanks.



    Can I echo Peter? Whats the name of the box?



    I was thinking of selling cheap Android TV boxes, but it’s a bit of a lucky dip as they’re made cheap in China. I decided I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle and postage to Europe, what if one breaks etc, complete pain in the arse for me being a middle man in the UK.

    Anyway here’s some things you may want to consider.

    They are all pretty much made by the same company but rebadged under different names. They’re constantly updating things, parts, firmware etc, which is a pain as nobody know what they’re getting other than the main chip, this makes finding suitable firmware a bit tricky. Also there are USB devices for using on your PC and there are set top boxes for your TV, dont get the wrong one.

    1080p doesnt work on these despite the claims and product information. And on those that do support 1080p, it is 720p upscaled. Also, on those that do play 1080p albeit 720p in disguise, playback might be stuttery / low frame rate.

    There was the RK3066 chip and normally came with a dual core processor and 1GB RAM. These worked pretty well, but HD 1080p didn’t work so well or wasn’t supported at all. But since these chips are older, stable firmware has been developed. Therefore expect these boxes to have less issues, but they don’t have quad core or 2GB RAM so the boxes may be slightly slower and they will never support real 1080p.

    Now there is the RK3188 chip, which in theory is better, it’s newer and faster than the RK3066 and apparently should support HD 1080p, BUT they haven’t sorted out the firmware yet. Some people open their boxes to see chip numbers which helps them to find appropriate firmware. This often makes the boxes run much better. So most of these boxes should be OK (when you get one that works.) and if you have the patience to find better firmware.

    So don’t expect it to all be smooth sailing. Expect some messing about to get it all working how you want. Not for the non-technical or those afraid of a bit of tweaking settings.

    I’d say get one from a good make – but even these still have their fair share of bad reviews. It really is a lottery, or a lucky dip. For instance the Matricom boxes, you’d think would be better than the cheap Chinese alternatives, but I think they are pretty much the same! MX2 Midnight Android Box The MX2 there being twice the price of cheaper alternatives, and the reviews are either 5 star or 1 star! Which kinda says it all. There are also the MX2 clones (cheaper Chinese alternative) but the reviews are about the same. So the quality is about the same, so if you are going to try an MX2, you may as well save yourself £30 and go for one of these: MX2 Android 4.2 Jelly Bean XBMC Streaming Box. Dual Core A9, Dual Mali-400

    So, if you are going to gamble and go for one of these cheap Droidboxes / Android XBMC TV boxes, then you may as well just go for the cheapest surely? Since if you get lucky and get a good one, it works as well as the more expensive one. Here is one for under £50!
    Afunta Android TV BOX

    THe Keedox ones have the best reviews from the cheaper range, (slightly – maybe 4 stars instead of 3.5)
    The Keedox boxes seem to be fairly priced and again, some good reviews (some bad). But they are quad core 2GB RK3188 chips. So probably more future proof especially once they release better firmware.

    So between the cheapest at £49 and the most expensive at about £95 – here is one I just found. It also happens to have a 4 star rating. So maybe one to consider. It looks like the precursor to the MX2, so probably on the RK3066 chip. Again it claims to be 1080p but reviews would suggest otherwise!! MX Android TV Box

    What have you got to lose? If it is faulty you just send it back….Amazon have very good customer service (rare for a big company!) – they will arrange a courier to collect and refund you no problem (in my experience anyway). And you can keep trying with new boxes till you get a good one.
    I would if I wanting one for myself.



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