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    Steve ……

    3PM…..BBC 1 & 2 SD received here on 100cm dish….50% Q (Humax)


    Steve ……

    Gibbertini 150…BBC 1 SD 100% Q…..BBC 1 HD England 80% Q…….



    Hi Steve, My first day on the forum – installed a Gibby 125 this morning with a Black U Quad LNB but very disapponited not to be receiving any programmes from 2e or 2f (UK spotbeam). The PE beam is giving a good signal. ITV on 1N all ok. Would a feedhorn be of any use? With zilch 2e/2f signal seems hardly worth it. Cheers Jonny



    @Jonny, as said earlier try tuning on a 2E/2F transponder.

    However, maybe you are just too far North? Looking at Steve’s 1 metre and 1.5 metre results, he is getting a better signal in Munich than me in Neuburg…. although with his 150 sitting in the garden you can (safely) spend lots of time tweaking! I don’t have a head for heights!



    Hi Twol,

    Mines on a flat roof extending southwards from the main house but still need a ladder to reach it. About 5-6m high. Height no prob. Used 2 Handies to communicate to a mate. Abit tricky, maybe need to contact an expert. May try to program the Sky Box with one of the 2e transponder freqs.



    @Jonny .. As I type BBc2 HD has blipped at 18.45…. Not a good sign!

    Anyway, Sky boxes (in my view) are pretty useless for setting up accurately. (Compared to E2 boxes that you can really setup on specific frequencies)
    Maybe worth looking at one of the other threads where you can use a usb attached card for linking the lnb to a laptop and getting a more accurate picture…. Or a specialist with a meter that can focus on specific frequencies … But push them, as the older devices cannot do this.




    found my way into this forum as well.

    Currently I am using a 100cm Schwaiger dish, with Sharp quad-lmb and a normal Humax HD receiver.

    The BBC signals were OK during the day (not a lot of clouds around) with average S 85%-90% and Q 50%-60%.
    But after coming home tonight and the sun being down my Humax shows me a black screen.

    I have no mean to text what the strength of the signal is as my Humax puts a black screen on the TV as soon as the signal is below a certain level.

    Not to sure what I could or should do.

    Any suggestions if it might be worth investing in a bigger dish (Gibby 125 or 150) and a Gibby feedhorn? It is a lot of money just to test it, find out it does not work and big the dish.


    Oh, my location is Braunschweig in the north of Germany about 35m s-e of Hannover.


    Steve ……

    Tom..what day time signal on ch5 ,new BBC etc…if you get 50- 60 Q……I surgest a min dish of 150.., for good evening reception….





    Lost BBC 3&4, c5 etc at 1900 hours local time but all just returned at 0015 hours! only have a 75cm dish LNB unknown. Would it pay to upgrade dish size ? Any suggestions welcomed.



    got in the wrong forum!!



    07.00 Can only pick up BBC 1 and 2 via regional channels… they are coming in strong (6.8dB ) ref BBC1 and BBC2 SD are at 6.2dB (too low) they are pixielating heavily.
    HD channels dead.
    ITV 1 HD is massive (16.2 dB)

    So may have to go to regional and see if they survive tonights drop off.




    Been lucky with Dish/Tv access over the years but when I’ve had to install/align a dish where I can’t normally see the TV I’ve just used a very long extension cable and took my receiver and portable TV to the dish. Where it has been a bit more awkward (e.g. on a flat roof) I’ve used one of the kids in-car portable DVD players/screens as the “TV” using the video-in RYW connectors from the Sky box – obviously all done on a nice dry day.

    TWOL – your signal issues on a 1.25m/Feedhorn combo a bit concerning but even more weird considering Steve got the BBC yesterday on a 1m. I believe you mentioned that your dish is roof mounted so a bit awkward to “tweak”.

    Looking at the suggested footprint from the BBC the footprint is skewed more South-easterly (i.e. in line with the 28.2E position).

    Jonny – Bayreuth is further East than Neuburg/Munich.

    Munich was already a fringe area prior to the latest move.

    I remember (on another forum I think) that after we lost CH5, 5USA etc Dec 2012 (1m Dish Munich) that somebody in Augsburg with a 1m Dish was still getting these channels



    Tom –
    You maybe just too far east. It’s the easterly (or westerly) relative position that is the killer. The footprint skew is such that a direct line of sight so to say through the footprint takes it in the direction through Switzerland to Milan. Closer you are to this line then relatively speaking smaller the dish size.

    e.g. Friend in southern Switzerland (nr Martigny) with a 1m dish had no problems with CH5 etc Dec 2012 when we lost them all here (1m in Munich) and people in Berlin have relatively speaking always needed larger dishes to us here in Munich.

    And as I mentioned above I did hear of somebody in Augsburg! with a 1m dish not losing CH5 when we did.


    Steve ……

    This morning…..100cm dish ..No signal…….Gibby 150….BBC 1 London 80Q…..BBC 1 NE & C 90%…..BBC 1 HD England 70Q……….

    2E & F signal seems about 20% down on signal……..compared to yesterday….

    BBC 1 NE & C …..may be worth trying if your having probs with the London variant….



    @gruffalo; I basically kept BBC1/2 SD throughout the day and even though it was pixielating at 9.00, I could still watch (just!)
    I will play with the regional channels tonight.
    ITV1 HD is unbelievably strong



    and thanks for all the advice.

    This morning at 9am (rain and very cloudy) I did not pick up any BBC signals. ITV almost as strong as always. Just the Q is down to 90% at the moment. So perhaps today is not the best day to test.

    As my wife and I are looking of a house to buy (need to move before the son starts school in September) and we currently rent, I can not put up a mega big dish.

    I think the best way to go about it is:

    – leave everything as it is (try to improve on the positioning of the dish, might just get a few more “pixels” on the tv).

    – get a internet backup system when the signal on the BBC is not coming in.

    – perhaps even start to pay for SKY (does anyone know if SKY is staying on their current sat, as those signals come in Q100% & S100% all the time)

    As to the backup systems, I have tried Filmon over th last few days. Not as good as live FreeSat but will do. Just one problem and a BIG ONE:

    I can not get CBBC, CBBIES, BBC3 and BBC4 via Filmon.

    Has anyone tried and tested any other system? Rob has a few ads on this website but I really do not know if those alternative systems are any good.

    Let us keep our hopes up and in the summer (long sunny days with very little clouds) I will even be able to pick up Freesat via my dish again. Happy Days !!!!!!!!!!!!!



    On 75cm dish receiving all channels with itvHD very strong but expect a repeat of yesterday a loss of all bbc channels from 1900 to 0015 – will this change



    Hi Terry

    I have a 100cm dish and a normal Sharp lmb. I have the same problem as you do. As soon as the sun goes down so does my bbc signal. ITV is still strong but I am sure ITV will move over to the new sat as well.

    I might give it a try sometime in the next few weeks and install a bigger dish. Such as a Gibby 125cm or even 150cm just to seen if it does make a differnce.




    Hello Everyone

    I can`t get into my barn anymore! Currently there is a 40cm (camping!) a 60cm, 80cm and a 105cm. It now looks like the 120 (offset focus) is soon going to be joining them! I’m not convinced that low impedance LNB, feedhorn etc are effective (I’m running the cheapest no name kit available) but am open to advice in this respect, Till now Ive always just increased dish size. The 105cm was OK here except in very bad weather the upgrade to the 120 cured the weather problem (till now!).

    Any advice re direct focus dish, LNB, feedhorn etc would be appreciated

    Does anyone know best place to buy 150 or 200 alu for roof mount or a stable internet stream for CBeebies and MOTD.

    Now I’m off to sat shop to bend the guys ear!



    Morning Twol, Gruffalo and Andy,

    Twol -Thanks for the info – could you explain abit more about E2 boxes as I havent heard of them before. Can I buy one locally? After y´days disappointing results Im licking my wounds today. The dish looks majestic towering the smaller dishes.

    Gruffalo – thanks for a very good suggestion I do have power up there its finding a small screen or smallish tv to take up there mines 81cm

    Andy – I bought my Gibby 125 from Amazon 161 Euros

    I can only report that the Welsh speaking channel 134 PE is S80% Q90%




    Andy – I use the following internet site
    works for me 🙂



    Hi andy,

    various places online offerring the Gibertini 150 for €240 – €300

    This company has the Gib 150 at only €238 + €30 delivery but some of the old comments remarked that their delivery time was overly long (currently advertise 1-3 days but old comments seem more like a month and people had to get on their back)

    Interestingly they also have a 140 “noname” dish (not really a 140 – 140 x 130 should be advertised as a 130 as that is the minor axis size). Slightly bigger than the standard Gibertini 125 (124.5 x 133).

    No idea about this dish – be interested to know if anybody has come across it.


    Steve ……

    Jonny…..if you have a iphone and iPad or A simalar gadget…..may I surgest using Skype to adjust your dish….you can then see the tv signal metre while ajusting your dish for max signal….the skew on the LNb sould be at about the 1 o’clock position when looking at the dish….

    With the Gibby 150…also get the Gibby feedhorn & a c120 LNb…it gives 15% better signal …than a standard LNB….



    @Jonny; E2 = Enigma 2 (linux variant)
    Lots of choice google Xtrend/VU with models covering 1 -> 4 sat cards and/or cable cards

    You basically load up an image from say World of Sat (VIX) – really easy to configure and expand with plugins – also have autobouquet plugins which basically automatically sets up channels you want to watch – you can configure EXACTLY as per Sky if you so wish.
    Can take Sky card.



    I am astonished at the variance across the regions – I can get almost a 1dB spread which is significant!
    If I can get better signals off one of the regions in the evening, then I will play further and try and get the dish re-aligned …. again.
    Just wish it was sitting on my old Munich apartment balcony where I could do everything myself! Life was much easier!

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