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    malaga, all bbc progs gone not a glimmer on either hd box or technomate

    1.2 mtr dishes for sale!!!

    Hope the fiver helps Paul



    Im near Gibraltar and in the same boat. My option at present is locate a FTA box back in UK with one of my daughters and slingbox it to me. My internet is fairly good at 10MB so as its only for BBC, ITV etc dont see a problem and a fairly low cost, no monthly fees under my control system. Just need a slingbox.



    Bryan thank you very much. I got a few donations and have now upgraded the server, I’ll show some pics in a bit but I think people will be able to tell for themselves that the site is working so much better.

    So what are you going to do Bryan if satellite is not an option?


    Maybe a Proxy/VPN and use your web browser for iplayer etc?

    Though theres the firefox web browser extension “mediahint” which a lot of people say works.

    I might even set up a proxy or VPN for forum users at a discounted rate.

    Not on this server though, this one gets hammered, lol.

    Thanks again for the help, its much appreciated. I was about to give up and and go do something else as I couldnt do any work on the site!



    Paul please e-mail me.

    Very interested if anyone is having any joy with a 1.9 dish on Costa del Sol.



    left alone last night itv and 4s still on mr sky tv do you think a 1.9mtr will do it my 1.2 wont ?????



    Yes it appears that a transfer has not been made – short term reprieve? Waiting to see what skyinmadrid say as they have been pretty accurate to this point. Good reception on other other channels inc CH5HD but the weather has changed this morning – not a cloud in the sky.



    Here in Jaen (further up from Granada) lost all BBC & Watch HD. Same as waggy, would like to know if a 2m dish would do it for me?! I know that a 1.3m in Jaen can get Channel 5 SD but has lost BBC channels. Surely a dish a little bigger would be able to pick them up – or does it not work like that?



    Hi Paul.
    Not sure yet about satellite dish will wait and see what further reports are made.

    At present using computer via filmon, but the interface is slow and difficult, tried XBMC but again interface strange and adding services complicated.

    A private vpn would be a great idea as I am not willing to trust some of the services and as I use linux the installation is complicated.

    Glad to be of help I know how time consuming it is to keep modifying web sites.



    Reference the 1.9 Dish

    Not 100% on required dish sizes yet, waiting to see what happens with ITV and SES are finished tweaking the BBC channels that have already migrated, as they are still being adjusted.

    If 1.9 is not suitable it may require a 2.4 that can be extended to a 3.1 you can see the difference below in the photos.



    Just had my 1.8/2.0m offset channelmaster installed with a pro octo LNB and Sky HD box. All BBC SD & ITV CH4 CH5 etc channels have been restored. HD channels a bit dodgy at the moment but I am so pleased to get the Beeb back that I’m not too fussed. Hooray!



    If loading of 2E/2F in may causes lose of signal ,please contact us for an IPTV solution 43 channels in full 14 DAY CATCHUP for €17 a month ..

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