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    Hi All in Greece

    (I posted this in an existing Greek topic, but it disappeared from “Recent Topics” so quickly due to the current excitement, that I doubt few saw it. So apologies for repeating myself.)

    I have a friend just returned to Kefalonia to find his Sky cupboard is bit bare at times, never mind loss of “terrestrial” channels. We don’t seem to have heard much about reception stats in Greece on Rob’s, since the arrival of 2E. What is the current prognosis? What is the best practice these days? Is there any future in dish upgrades in the area? Thanks for any contributions.


    Steve ……

    Blast…when i was in Rhodes…last year….Ex pat Pubs were using Sling Boxes….For BBC & Sky sports..etc……But I’ve no idea how that kind of system works……

    (I watched the Canadian Formula 1 race…on BBC 1 in a English pub)……..Pic quality was very good…so it must work…..



    Just returned from Crete (1st visit since satellite changes),pleasantly surprised by the number of channels. Same 1.2m dish, unknown LNB, skyHD multi-room box as before the change. Tuned to 11.778V I get 111 channels (15HD) All sports except ss4 (ss1hd & ssnews hd, these tend to break up late in the day), all movie channels in sd, sky news.
    For a full list see my post in ‘rethymno, Crete. (I forgot to put there that we get Sky F1 sd)



    So far very happy with our Sky SD reception here in Crete and the sports channels we can get ( SKY SPORTS 1,2 3 F1, Eurosport 1 and BT 1 and 2) BUT it looks like we might have to upgrade to HD to get the new SKY SPORTS 5, football channel. These might be dumb questions but would be grateful for help:
    1 If we buy an HD box can we still use our current card or do we need to get an HD card? I guess we will have to get a new HD card from SKY?

    2 If we have to get a new HD card, is it hard to set that up and get things going again on our new HD box as we will be here in Crete.

    3 What channels, if any are we likely to lose going from SD to HD?

    4 Will this affect our reception, which is currently excellent on SD?

    Thanks in anticipation!


    Steve ……

    Hi Lilly……If you get a Sky HD box……you will need to phone Sky to pair your current card to the new box and upgrade to HD pack……(best to use a mobile phone ) ……

    There is no HD Card…SD or HD its the same Sky card ……..

    You won’t loose any channels …But If for some reason you cant get a HD channel…….you will still have the SD channel option as you do now……

    But isn’t Sky Sports 5 SD channel  no 407 on the Sky Guide ?……maybe no need to upgrade  to HD after all ……………



    Thanks Steve! That doesn’t sound too hard – even we should be able to cope with that!


    Lilly – don’t forget to have your UK post code handy when you ring.



    Hi Lilly,

    The wife is in Crete this week so I asked her to try Sky Sports 5 and HD. Unfortunately neither is available, so if you’re just interested in this channel save your money!

    HD channels you will get are:

    Sky living, ITV2, ITV 3, ITV 4, Fox, E4, Lifetime, Channel 5, MTV Live, Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports News, Eurosport, Eurosport 2, Animal Planet and Disney XD… 15 in total, and some of these break up & disappear late afternoon!

    Hope this helps,


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