How to get UK TV without satellite

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    So you’ve just lost your BBC channels and are freaking out. You will no doubt also soon lose ITV, Channel 4 and others.

    You can get UK TV via the internet. But if you are not in the UK, you will probably not be able to use iplayer, ITVPlayer, 4OD, Demand5 and so forth as your computer IP address will give away which country you are in. UK Channels do not want (are not allowed?) to have people in other countries watching their content. So the main options that spring to mind are:

    -get an IPTV set top box (routes your connection through a UK computer, you can buy a set top box which easily connects to your TV, it costs money and most of them have subscriptions, but you do get a remote control and is easy to use.)
    -A VPN or a Proxy for your internet connection (routing your connection through a UK computer, costs a few pound a month, means watching TV on your computer unless you have a compatible smart TV. However you can often connect your computer to the TV quite easily with the right cable)
    -XBMC (lots of people say its very confusing. If you haven’t heard of it you probably don’t want it!)
    -Install Firefox web browser and MediaHint addon (both free) and watch TV on PC or Laptop

    Obviously many of you will want a quick, non complicated solution if you want to watch UK TV immediately until you decide on your permanent fix. So to watch TV on the internet today, these are the obvious 2. Of course they probably mean watching on or via your computer


    2: Download the Firefox web browser, install it (open the file after it has downloaded) then once installed, run the program from the new shortcut either on your desktop or start menu. Then go here: and click on “Add to Firefox”, this will install the MediaHint addon. You may have to restart firefox but now you should hopefully be able to use iPlayer, ITVPlayer, 4OD, Demand 5 and so on.

    If you want to know how to connect your PC or Laptop to a TV, here’s a quick article I wrote.

    Thats all for now, was just a quick post to help people get UK TV in a hurry. It wouldn’t surprise me if gets bogged down with thousands of people trying to watch Eastenders….



    Filmon normally works fine. It’s sometimes not great for live sports and lots of running around but for everything else it’s good and low bandwidth if your on limited internet plus you don’t need a VPN. Satellite internet does not work well with VPn’s so unless you have a UK IP it’s a plus!If Filmon isn’t working well, look at their Fb page and you will see if it’s a Filmon problem or you and you can contact them this way. For sport try cricfreetv, get rid of the chat and ads and it’s good for Sky, BT plus others and 3pm KO’s.
    We are used to this in SE Europe and life goes on!……..



    Those of you desparate for your Eastenders and Corrie etc. (Can’t stand either myself) use
    My wife uses it for Mr Selfridge and Call the Midwife. They are on within hours of broadcast so just watch a day late.
    Series like NCIS and NCIS – LA are available 6 hours after broadcast in USA meaning they are at least one if not two seasons ahead of SKY.

    For your movies or both have current UK cinema releases. (Tip – wait until HD version of any film you want to watch is available).

    If you have a poor Internet connection I recommend you download first and watch later. I use the ANT Video Downloader Firefox Add-on

    Like everyone else I’m searching for a reliable alternative to FilmOn especially for the 6 Nations this weekend!



    FilmOn – interesting fact:
    The 6 Nations was totally unwatchable on my PC (buffering, stutters, etc..) in desperation I tried it on my Android tablet and guess what? It was perfect! Fantastic picture and not a single drop out.
    Just need to get an HDMI cable Monday to connect to TV.
    App available Google Play Store (Free)

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