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    Hi all,

    I’ve had no signal for 4 days, had to search the net to find this place.

    Now I know about the Astra 2F move… I’m gutted…

    I have a 125CM dish, but have not a single channel working (apart from SKY welcome and Now Music… All BBC, ITV CH4 and cH5 is dead.

    Are there any “re-tuning methods” that could help?





    Unfortunately no there are no retuning per se – its all about dish size (assuming you are already still pointing at 28.2)

    First of all take a look at the reception map (on the right of this forum) to see what the coverage is in your area and maybe it will give a clue as to whether a large dish would help you. Then report back and someone may be able to advise further.



    Hi Darren, Unfortunately the reception map doesn’t help much at the moment and we also don’t know where you are in Sweden – noticed on the map that a guy near Norrkoping with a 120cm has also lost signal whilst another in Malmo with an 88cm has not. There is also someone in Alesund (Norway), which is as close to the published footprint as Malmo, but has lost 2E with a 140cm..!!!
    Only to be hoped that we get some more reports from your area (???) to help answer the question.
    In the meantime, don’t see why you shouldn’t try some fine tuning of your dish and LNB – you’ve got nothing to lose and may get a nice surprise.
    Good luck…!!!



    Guys, I’m not far from Gävle, which is 210km north of Stockholm.



    Oh my god…!!!! You could need Jodrell Bank…


    Steve ……

    If its any help…..Here are a few reports from Sweden……Looks like is gonna be big tho..!!



    Looks like Jimi was right – tweaking a 125 in Gävle could present an unnecessary risk of falling off the roof…!!!



    I set up a UK IP Proxy this morning – connected a laptop to the TV and it seems to work nicely – That will have to do

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