IPTV box with subtitles?

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    Im posting this on behalf of John (jomiboka)

    Does anyone know of a uktv box that supports subtitles for the UKTV programmes when the new satellite starts transmittting?

    I am very hard of hearing and really need subtitles. I have checked the website many times and so far have come up with nothing.

    Can anybody help?

    Many thanks

    John (jomiboka)



    We have an option for subtitles, contact us via our website, http://www.iptvforyou.com



    The Humax Foxsat has that capability John.



    I am using Linux boxes to receive Freesat. They too have the option to display subtitles.



    Hi Lunniman,

    Many thanks for your reply. I already have a Humax foxsat box and have been using it for years.

    I get perfect subtitles on it, but what I am thinking is that the subtitles will disappear off the Humax when the new spot beam starts transmitting.

    Am I right about this?



    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I don’t know what a Linux box is? Am I using a Linux box because my computer is not Windows it is a Google Chrome book.

    I have looked-up Linuxorg on the net but I haven’t got anywhere regarding the boxes you mention?

    Cheers Jomiboka



    Oh I misread your original question John, sorry. I thought you were asking about IPTV boxes (TV over the internet)

    If you can receive the channel to view the picture, there should be no reason you cannot view the subtitles too? The problem is though, down in Portugal where I believe you live, you may not get the free UK channels any more once the switchover happens (In February apparently)

    Is it the free to air UK channels you get currently?



    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I get Free To Air channels at the moment and perfect subtitles off my Humax Freesat box, which I expect will stop working when the new spot beam starts transmitting.




    Steve ……

    John…if you get ch5, ch4HD ok now….you should be ok with the new sat 2E…..if you can’t… maybe the IPTV box solution is the way to go…..



    Linux receivers are a type of satellite receivers – examples include Dreambox , XTrend, VuPlus. They all have different models. They are, in fact, Linux computers, especially put together for reception of satellite and cable TV. At the outside they look very similar to other receivers. They do require a bit more attention to set up and maintain.
    Subtitles, as well as EPG info are part of the data stream that comes into the receiver. The receiver may offer you the ability to see those titles.



    Hi John, I can confirm, the SUBTITLES option is available on our IPTV service. We have a dealer in the Algarve, see address info.

    Sweet & Mata LDA
    Rua Antonio Rosa Brito 32
    8150-118 Sao Bras de Alportel (Sao Bras)
    +351 289 849850



    Only if you cant pick up the signal from the new sat. The subtitles come with the signal.




    Hi Luniman, we pickup the UK and Irish channels in the UK and stream them via Internet to any location Worldwide using an IPTV set-top box. So no signal problems for British ex-pats as long they have a proper Internet connection with a minimum download speed of 2 Mbps (landline or via a VSAT system).



    I am fed up of your constant advertising and its against Robs original wishes.



    Ditto that and change your avitar,which also advertises.Your actions have been especially unfair on other members that also have businesses,and don’t mention a word of what they do,but add so much to the knowledge of this site.



    Hi Luniman and Maverick,

    Is this not a Q & A board ????

    We have replied on a question of one of the readers and in this case (if he choose for the suggested option/product) it will solve his problem.

    The person contacted us a result of our info and we had a long email conversation with him outside this board trying to solve his problem.

    Regarding my avitar, IPTV is a general name, it is used by hundreds and same for our logo design (look at Google img search). Unless you know the company and the logo it could be anybody.



    Sorry IPTV, you are obviously on this forum only for gain, not to give…!!! Unlike some other professionals on this forum, you do not participate or contribute actively in other threads, you do not offer information unless it is potentially beneficial to you or your dealers, you just keep plugging IPTV (on a satellite forum). Obviously my opinion counts for nothing – Paul must decide if your site advertising fee entitles you also to blatant advertising within the forum.
    By the way, the very first question on this thread regarded the availability of subtitles from SATELLITE broadcasts, not specifically on IPTV… does this mean you are unaware of the other solutions offered on the thread by bona fide members…???



    Sorry but I believe this forum is for TV issues and not only “exclusive” for satellite TV, at least not anymore! Technology is changing fast and news way’s of watching TV.

    The user ask for subtitles on Satellite, correct, but …… “new satellite starts transmitting” he will loose channels soon, so I think the info we gave is relevant and very helpful, not only for him but maybe also for other readers.

    We can act as “a professional” and refer to companies and or solutions in the market, in the end it is the same.

    IPTV is becoming a part of this board and will be very important soon, satellite is not the only way to receive TV anymore, there are many new ways and technology, TV streaming via Internet is one of those (the latest) and very fast growing.

    Again, I believe our info is very helpful, we reply on Q and we just give an A. The followup has been done direct and outside this board.

    The response of you and some other on our posting has created an advert for us, we did not ask for this and it was also not our intention.

    ps. The user is living in the Algarve, so he will have a problem soon.



    OK, I don’t dispute that TV via Internet is here to stay, and who knows, maybe I will need it one day. At the moment I enjoy great reception of 2F here in NW Italy using a 1m dish and Humax HD5600S. You state that John in the Algarve “will lose channels soon” (presumably with the start of 2E transmissions). In the absence of Rob’s Crystal ball could YOU therefore predict if I will suffer the same fate and, if so, will I need IPTV or will it be sufficient to upgrade to a 1.2m or 1.5m dish…??? Thanks



    Hi Derek, we cannot predict the effect of the change over (I wish), nobody can till it happens. There are some areas in Europe where it will happen anyway (99% sure), especial in the south of Spain and Portugal, they lost already channels etc. All other areas …… we just have to find out in February, footprints are very unpredictable. We install VSAT systems (data communication) far out of advised footprints without any issues, receiving/installing a TV signal/system is far less difficult so the over-spill of the signal is much easier to use/catch.



    IPTV, You’re using this forum for self promotion.This is strictly against this and most other forum’s rules.Your avitar is a constant reminder of the business you represent.Coincidence,no,you’re using it to advertise!
    Once again,Stop advertising on this site and change your avitar.


    Steve ……

    Now …I like satellite tv…very much……But i also like iptv…….which is best….??……only one way to find out…( as Harry Hill says)….”FIGHT”………

    Ill get my coat…..right…… 🙂 ………



    To be honest I think,for a satellite website,we’ve more than covered iptv.There’s more than enough info in the various threads and enough adds on the home page……it is after all Rob’s Satellite tv site and not Rob’s tv by any means site.



    The initial “advertising” of his business was to be expected, I’ve done the same so I cant be a hypocrite.

    The thread was titled “IPTV box”, after all.

    It was fair game and the answer was relevant. However, IPTV, blatantly advertising it twice on 1 page was a bit much.

    Please don’t do it again.

    Thank you.

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