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    SNR:1,50 at Channel master 1,40.
    Bigger antenna 1,80 ?



    All channels are up and going again.Just a small adjustment of the dish But in southern Norway I recommend a dish size round 1.4m
    Mine is now a bit fringe.I got 110×90 cm.



    missing most channels now. friend of mine living 10km away has not lost any. dish adjustment? if so how? living just north of bergen



    sorry worked out how. will give it a try this weekend



    I still have all the channels after the move to Astra 2f. I may loose the signal during early afternoon in cases of particulary bad weather. Otherwise, reception is good. Following the move of some channels to Astra 2e earlier, I lost those channels. However shortly before the move of the BBC and ITV channels to 2f, signalstrength from the 2e were increasing with those channels reappearing again. Last couple of weeks I have experienced very satisfying reception of all channels, some days with disturbances on the HD channels.
    Am using a 90 cm dish to my Humax Freesat receiver.
    Location: Askøy, west of Bergen.



    hej nico!
    SÃ¥ det var FB jag kände ditt namn ifrÃ¥n …
    jag bor i hannover och vi har samma mål eh?
    Att fortfarande titta pÃ¥ brit tv ….
    ska berätta –
    skriv på norska det går bra



    So is it still possible to receive a sky satellite signal in southern Norway, as I have lost reception. I concluded that the signal has been lost for good and have started looking at alternatives, but from this thread I see that there may be some hope – can I adjust the dish/enlarge the dish and would that get me back my reception, or am I wasting my time?



    5.45pm Ive got every channel in HD,except ITV1.But in standard definition its OK.But I usually loose the BBC channels in HD after 7pm
    I could increase the dish size to 1.2m,but I`m actually mostly interested in sky sports,so I might not spend money on it.
    So if you live in Sandnes,Geoff, you should be able to get it back.I`m only 120km away from you.


    I know this is an old thread but was wondering if anybody has any updates on the 2E reception in the Bergen area. Our 90cm dish loses reception to most channels in the afternoon. I’m assuming a larger dish will help but wondering if a 125cm Gibertini will be enough or if I need to go for the 150 (or even bigger!). I’m trying to keep the dish as small as possible for obvious reasons (the missus! :)).


    Any reports much appreciated!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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