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    Recently arrived and waiting to see what size of dish we might need, we have been using 4G mobile from Optimus (SIM card in wireless router, normally around 20Mbps download) and Unotelly DNS server – have found this quicker and less hassle than VPN. It works, but nothing compares with the ease of Sky+. Anyone got experience of the Slingbox?



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    I recall sometime ago seeing a posting for companies that do dns, thinking of doing this via router – anybody got suggestions




    Someone mentioned android boxes for free internet TV. My dish seems to be ok apart from at the weekend when the weather was bad. Would be good to have a backup system. Are these boxes any good?

    There are loads on amazon but it wasn’t clear if they would allow me to watch BBC here in France.



    CF, my understanding of what UnoDNS does, is that when you point your browser at a streaming service like the iPlayer, it routes you through their server, but bypasses it for general browsing. So I assume it wouldn’t work via the router? However, I currently have two laptops, an internet radio and a smart TV all receiving UK streaming TV sites via UnoDNS on one subscription.



    Re androd boxes –

    I get my French tv via a so called IPTV box, supplied by SFR. Provides 100+ channels (mostly pay for…) over my existing internet link. It seems to be possible to load a set of UK or other country IP addresses into a box and connect it via a LAN cable to your Internet abnd connect the box by HDMI or SCART to your tv. Needs 2MB+ feed, or so they say, but SFR offered it (for free) before they upgraded the speed around here.

    It has worked fine for me just a few wrinkles using it via a Devolo dLAN.




    I have found a nice android Box that works pretty welll, just so long as Filmon doesn’t get taken down.



    Just wondering what experience people have with IPTV boxes

    Do most of the just use filmon – or does the feed come somewhere else




    Hi CF.

    They do not use filmon. The Android boxes with XBMC on them might/can do, but not the standard “IPTV” boxes.

    The feed comes from somewhere else, this could be from the channel itself such as a stream from the BBC website but going through the IPTV company’s (or somebody elses) proxy and being sent down the internet to your IPTV box.
    Another way this could be accomplished would be to have a computer in the relevant country with a digital TV card in it (or multiple cards) and stream the broadcast elsewhere.
    You can also get dedicated hardware to run some IPTV services but it costs thousands for the equipment.

    I am thinking of setting up an IPTV service…I’ve been looking in to it and will be getting a MAG 250 box soon and experimenting and setting up the interface and the server. I will be looking for BETA testers who are genuinely interested in keeping the box if they are happy with the service and to help iron out any teething problems. I will be selling the IPTV boxes cheaper than other companies and any subscription costs will also be lower! I will be running 2 x dedicated servers so there will be backups in place in case of any network problems etc.

    I would have liked to have done this by now but Ive been a bit busy with other things over the last 2 weeks, this week and next I am trying to move house with a broken leg so it is going very slowly 🙁

    Watch this space!



    Hi Paul, there is a bit more involved ($$$$$,$$) if you want to setup a proper streaming service beside a MAG250 and some computers, it is a 24/7 business and not a hobby :):)
    Cheaper and cheaper is not the best way to start, sounds good but …….. to provide a good reliable service, a good quality etc. (long term) has a price. Streaming to a Worldwide audience has a price ticket.



    Trying to put off the competition are we? Nice try 🙂

    I am experienced with linux, programming/scripting, server admin and so on. I will be configuring the STB and IPTV server soft/middle/firmware and program the STBs at home first to test it. Once it is working I will be happy to release a few boxes for people around Europe to test (free of charge).

    With 2 good dedicated servers with high amounts of bandwidth, it will be reliable and can grow / upgrade as needed. The 2 servers can monitor each other and alert me via SMS if any problems arise or can remote reboot each other, also I can be available to fix any problems immediately. I am happy to be available 24/7. This will be a business not a hobby! I will also be providing free UK proxy/VPN as a backup and as an option for using other devices such as laptops etc.

    And no, I will not be running this service on the webservers which can be slowed down or crashed by thousands of unexpected visitors as we have seen in the past!

    There. Any other reasons I shouldn’t try?




    Hi Paul,

    NO Paul, I am not trying to putt off any more competition (useless), 1250 IPTV providers or 1251 does not make a big difference :):) My only point was, it is not so easy as you think, running a professional and stable streaming service (clients pay for it, so they want something back) is a very expensive business. Beside this there are already many cheap low-budget providers. The market is totally flooded with MAG250 and cheap streaming providers, especial in the south of Spain and many other popular ex-pat areas (this would be your market). Beside the know-how, equipment etc. you need a huge promotion budget to get clients and for this it is already a bit too late. Not a reason NOT to try it !!!! but a good marketing research should be your first start, you will soon find out the reality.



    OK thanks for your advice.

    I know it is a bit late and there are so many providers already. So I would not bother trying to compete on Google searches and adwords. I would mainly use this site for promotion as it has a constant stream of traffic from Europe.
    I’m not expecting 1000 or even 100 subscribers or anything silly. But if I even got just 10 or 20 subscribers eventually, (maybe after a year, or 2) this income plus adsense and any other web design that I do, it all adds up and I could make enough money to live on, which is my goal. And if it doesn’t work out, no big deal, just wasted time and £50 on an STB that I could probably use for something else or sell it.

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