November 2016

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    someone has to !



    All stations including HD available 24 /7 with exception of ITV which pixelates at around 2000 hrs


    Well it IS your job as Pied Piper, Terry to lead the way. Here’s me thinking November had been cancelled due to lack of interest.

    First signal check in yonks, and had not bothered trying some channels. Seems like it hasn’t been so high since the beginning to time. But will be monitoring closely as the evening progresses.



    Morning Blast, despite rain and low cloud just checked CNR which is running at a very respectable 13 – 15db for my 6 tracked channels. This is following exactly the same trend as last year with a marked increase October/November and peaking January/February.
    Like you, I haven’t been monitoring for a while since it became impossible to post images of my plots on this forum. Furthermore I’ve got a software glitch which means it stops plotting after about 10 minutes 🙁 .
    And talking about lack of interest, I guess the main culprit is Paul!! I have emailed him about the image posting problem but no reaction. I guess I need to be a VIP (paying) member to warrant a reply??


    Hi Derek & Terry, at least there are three of us out there. Voici les résultats du jury de Carcassonne.

    The channels that have been mostly missing for me since the Spring, were all present and correct yesterday.

    ITVHD (Meridian) S100/Q70 (stats from Humax box)
    4Seven & Channel4HD S90/Q80
    Drama/Yesterday/Really S85/Q60

    I checked these at 5pm, 7pm, 9pm and 11pm and there was no deviation.

    Also loud and clear on my Sky+Box were ITV3HD and ITVEncoreHD, and all UKTV channels in SD (not politic to start playing with actual signal strengths).

    The readings today on the Humax were identical again, both at 2pm and 5pm for 4Seven and C4HD, and also for Drama/Really/Yesterday, but there is no ITVHD signal. Similarly, there is no ITVHD, ITVEncoreHD or ITV3HD on my Sky+Box, but Alibi, Gold and Drama SD channels are all there.

    This really doesn’t make sense to me then, that despite no change on the more iffy UKTVSD channels (Q60 on the Humax), I have no reception at all on these ITV HD channels. One difference however, is that there is light rain today.

    Sorry I don’t speak the same terminology as you.


    On your posting and other problem Derek, I wonder if there is something more fundamental than Paul happening. I have been trying for a week to post photos on Facebook – I’ve tried all suggested workaround and fixes. I am also unable to properly play downloaded iPlayer progs – they appear in a little window only. Both were working fine before. In both cases, maybe not coincidentally, one of the first things to be done is to check the working of Adobe Flash Player (or Shockwave Flash Object in the case of Windows 10). I now note that our profile thumbnails are not displaying in Robs. I have a netbook and a big PC, both running W10, both are displaying the same symptoms.


    Curly Wurly

    I’ve had the same problem for a while that I no longer see your profile thumbnails and the messages are much narrower than before.  (My system is XP. )

    Apart from that sat reception is very good at the moment – even with the heavy rain we’ve been having this week.




    Wow Derek, you think maybe I don’t want to reply because you’re not a VIP member? Not sure if you’re joking or just paranoid…I think the latter. Did it ever occur to you that I either didn’t receive a message or perhaps forgot?

    Not that I need to explain myself to you but I will out of courtesy.

    I don’t recall receiving an email saying images weren’t working, if it was some time ago, I’ve been very busy with other commitments and forgot, so if that’s the case then I apologise. Email was down for a few days while some changes were made.

    This site will be having a big overhaul soon, yes I’ve said that in the past but other commitments get in the way, I do have a real life and other websites which take priority. This site needs doing more than ever now. It’s heavy on server resources and not good for mobile. Some features aren’t working as they should because of technical issues and there are other problems which I wont bore you with.




    Hi Paul, I thank you for your reply and regret that you have confused my frustration with paranoia! My email of 18th September was a very short, polite note asking for clarification about the apparent deletion of the “attachment” button, of particular interest since I habitually post (or posted) images of my CNR plots on the forum.
    A major source of frustration (and sadness), as an early contributor to Robs, is the ever declining activity on the forum – we recently passed a month without a single post and technical questions remain unanswered – our once trusty group of “experts” seems to have evaporated.
    So, sorry for any offence but at least you have had the satisfaction of deleting my “offending post”.


    Steve ……

    After my trip to London …..The only thing thats “evaporated” is money from my wallet 🙁 ……. 18 pounds to get into St Paul’s cathedral !! …6,50 for a pint in Shepherd Bush theatre  ..and 17 pounds for a steak and kidney pie & mash in a fancy restaurant in the city !!!

    But did get 2 2nd hand 500Gb Humax HDRs for 60 quid from Ebay UK …… so its not all bad 🙂

    Signal brill at the mo …..all working fine (even Itv HD…………



    Has the Astra Sat on 27 e gone down as I am not getting GB TV as of yesterday afternoon.


    Hi Bob – perhaps too late now, but nothing missing here, particularly no problem with my “local” ITV Meridian South Coast, which is on 2e.

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