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    so 1.15 m dish, sky HD box

    Lost all BBC channels, everything else remains apart from CH5 lost that a year ago

    15Km outside Innsbruck



    all fine here in Landeck !

    reception of all channels day and night,although signal weaker since switchover
    daytime average signal strength 90% and signal quality 65-75% (ITV 90%)
    Drops down in the night time after getting dark to a quality of 50-60%

    rain in the daytime no problem (like yesterday) but when dark all BBC and Channel 5 programmes

    The horizontal Signals are generally weaker here – about 5%

    Dish : Gilbertini 1m




    Hello, I live in Germany but have a place in Saalbach-Hinterglemm. Have been using a Triax TD78 which for 1N was no problem, all gone now though – trying to work out if its worth the effort of changing the dish – have a sky HD sub (so most stuff still running apart from BBC channels and ITV1.
    Looks like a 1.25 would struggle and maybe even a 1.5 based on your comments.



    so since it was nice weather today went up on the roof and did some fine tuning

    Results all channels back

    signal on BBC and ITV is low so might loss signal tonight, but think maybe with a slightly bigger dish I might just be ok – fingers crossed

    1m no name dish
    ultra black LNB
    Sky HD box
    17km west of Innsbruck Austria



    all BBC, ITV CH4 working here 24/7 adjusted the dish last weekend and got signal up until 5pm then lost it but as of last night with no dish adjustment all is working good

    Ch5 drops out at night time but never watch that anyway

    Seems strange how signal is now better with no further adjustment

    Have SES tweaked something?



    Cf, this sounds positive – all ok on your 1.15m dish.
    That’s not a dish size I come across before, do you happen to know the exact vertical and horizontal dimensions of it?
    I’m beginning to think that maybe a 1.5 will do me.




    Hi Phil
    Sorry my dish is just a 1m dish. I checked it a few days ago. The original invoice from the installer says 1.15m

    Last night we lost reception as it was cloudy and rain

    This morning all channels back

    My thoughts are that to get a good steady reception I will need to go to a 1.25 dish

    Will see how reception is this week as we are forecast snow

    And once I get a better understanding of what the weather does to my reception will then choose my new dish




    Hi CF,

    You sure you’ll manage on 125cm? I live 40km south of Milan and think I might have to upgrade to 150 cm from current 90cm.
    What LNB are you using? Feedhorn?

    (Pavia, 90cm)



    Hi Romano
    thanks for your message

    I have 1m at the moment and it works well, apart from in bad weather. So I think a little bit more margin via the dish size will help a lot

    I have an Ultra black LNB (no feedhorn) and that seems to make a big difference

    As you can see from this topic another user is getting even better performance than me and he lives 30Km west from me.

    In Tirol we all live quite a height above sea level so maybe that has an effect too – and I dont mean that we are closer to the satellite (before some helpful person points that out :-)) but maybe we get clearer air etc – I dont know just a guess but like a lot of people at this time none of us have any real grasps on what will happen in the future and why certain things work for some and not for others – as much as I dont like the trial and error approach it seesm to be the best one at the moment



    Hi phil

    Am just about to start testing to see what size dish I need in Zell am see. Happy to share info asi get it. Have a local company doing the research.





    Hi Rzell,

    Please keep me posted, that would be great thanks. I used to have just a sky mini dish back in Astra 2d days and just didn’t worry about the bbc and itv, just watched the sky channels. When 1N arrived I installed a triax tds78 which did me proud. Clearly no good for bbc and itv now though.

    My 1.1 up here in Germany is doing ok up here at the moment, for Astra 2e. The Astra 2f channels go in the evening, but that’s no great problem.

    Are you using sky or freesat?




    Hi phil

    Aiming for uk freesat with access to BBC etc. not sky at this point.




    Rzell, thanks in advance for any information, will be much appreciated. I know back in Astra 2d times that a 120 or 125 was the requirement. I cannot see anything other than 1.5m or 1.8m being needed, hopefully not though.



    All much weaker here in Germany tonight, how are things down there?



    yes signal has dropped here to

    Last night no reception and at 9am this morning was still getting pixilation

    Somebody is playing with something I reckon



    Saturday and Sunday were the worst, been a little improvement since then, not back to the levels of the week before but a little better.



    any updates from anybody in Austria/Tirol

    Any joy with bigger dishes etc


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