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    Satlink WS 6908
    Manuals and some software can be obtained from here:
    The latter is a German website with some English language, including an English language Forum. Software upgrades are available but you either have to buy the device from them or register and pay.
    WS 6908, there are at least two models. The earlier WS6908 DVB-S and the later, current model WS6908SE DVB-S2, I have the early WS6908 so any comments I make will relate to that model.
    WS 6906 I understand is the model with an RS232 port rather than the 6908’s USB port. Either way the external access is for software upgrades and satellite updates, the latter can be input into stand alone software, the CTK DB Tool. I have not updated the software on mine as I think that if it ‘ain’t broke don’t fix it’ and I think the thing is flaky enough without provoking it, for example mine ‘freezes’ from time to time and needs re-booting.
    The Manual
    Typical poor Chinese to English translation and minimal content, it points to features but doesn’t tell you what they do, read it to find where everything is and sit pushing buttons to find out what they do, for example the left/right and up/down arrow buttons can be used to expand menus, extend pages and progress through editing features, I’m still finding ‘hidden’ features.
    I will post this as an introduction and add more for each section, otherwise it will become a rather lengthy post.



    Thanks Madiran – will be an interesting thread for many.
    My query must relate to other satellite finders I believe

    I would appreciate advice on data to input to a Satfinder (like the 6906 Satlink) re the following boxes to enter data into – for new satellite:-
    Sat Freq 1
    Sat Freq 2

    Also for adding channel data, say for BBC – it asks for:-
    TP Freq
    Symbol Rate

    I have 90%+ Strength/Quality signal on my Sky HD channesls, so I know I am focused on 28.2 E
    Possibly I am just being dumb

      – or is it possible the 6906 cannot search 2E frequencies??


    Satellite editing
    I’ll start with this as it seems to be of most interest.
    Firstly it may seem a bit obvious but the device does not know which satellite it is pointed at, it does not have NID (Network Identification code) recognition, that’s normally a feature for very much more expensive items.
    Secondly it’s really a portable set top box with a few knobs on, but it does the job quite well and is easier to move around than a TV ans set top box or leaning out of the window shouting ‘Left, left no right a bit”.

    Setting up a satellite, manual editing of existing satellites.
    This can be done either of two ways, on the device itself or in the CTK DBTool software supplied on the CD with the device( can be downloaded from the sites listed above) You will need WINRAR or similar to decompress the .rar files. Edit the satellite list as required then upload it to the device.
    On the device.
    Menu>Satellite Install>OK
    Two choices: Sat Manager and Transponder TP manager
    The first takes basic system set up like Disquec set up.
    The second sets up satellites and transponders
    Down button> select TP manager> press OK
    Either scroll sideways through the existing list with the left/right arrows select the appropriate entry and click OK to access first transponder in list
    Click OK to edit
    Enter the frequency with the number buttons then press the down arrow to access the Symbol Rate SR entry then down arrow for H/V, selected with left/right arrows. Click OK to exit.
    Click down arrow to progress through rest of list.
    New Satellite
    In TP Manager, press F1 New SAT
    Press 1 to toggle between W and E
    0-9 toggle characters
    left arrow selects text, F4 toggles from lower to upper case
    F1 backspace F2 clear F4 switch
    When you have entered the satellite name click OK
    To add transponders click OK the F1 to add and follow the add transponders instructions above. Once in the menus there are usually some instructions for modifying/editing the contents
    Setting up satellites is as easy as that, I have set up a satellite group of Astra 2E/2F with a selected list of transponders (you can get these from King of Sat, Flysat or Lyngsat) and simply use that without having to scroll through the other satellites listed, indeed I see no reason why you couldn’t delete all the listed satellites that you don’t need and just have an Astra group-you can always add anything else you might need later.



    David, The data you need to input into the device will come from King of Sat, Flysat or Lyngsat:

    You find the channel required ie BBC One London which is on transponder 45, frequency 10773 polarity H symbol rate 22000
    You only need to put in frequency, polarity and symbol rate in the Satlink

    To search a transponder select Menu >Quick Search, scroll through the satellites, you should at have an entry for Astra 2d/ etc, scroll through the transponder list until you find a frequency that corresponds with the one you are looking for, the new Astra 2e satellite carries the same frequencies as the old satellite, they changed the satellite not the frequency. When you find the one you want select TP scan and click OK, it should then scan that transponder, when it has finished click exit and return to the ‘viewing screen’ you can then toggle through the channels selected, you may need to edit the (possibly) long list of channels selected, click F3to do this.



    David, I have just noticed that you refer to Sky with some high signal strength/quality readings, I suspect you will find these are from Astra 2E on the Pan European Beam- rather than the UK Spot Beam which is the issue that most of us are getting steamed up about, the former covers most of Europe as you might expect and can be picked up with a bowler hat on a stick, the latter doesn’t and is much ,much more tightly focussed on the British Isles than the old 1N UK beam and on the fringes needs a much larger dish.



    Madiran – I am sure you are correct!
    But I lost all my BBC etc channels at the same time as everyone else.
    I am sure I need a bigger dish – but in the interim I will add a new Inverto LNB – and try to see if I get better signal strengths

    My Satlink does not have the options yours has – your is more sophisticated
    But I need to “see” the channels on my Satlink finder (which would be too low for a lock via sky – and I am trying to find them via the Satfinder
    So I need to set up the Group on the new satellite

    It asks me – and this is where I may be making a mistake:-
    -Sat Freq 1 ?
    -Sat Freq 2 ?

    Do you know What are these figures for Astra 2E beaams please?

    Once I have this data correctly, I know how to add channels – from the links you provided

    Sorry to be pedantic – your help is genuinely appreciated!



    This link will show you the frequency details
    Just in case you haven’t got one I have attached a WS6906 manual. I am not familiar with this model but I have just had a look at the manual.
    When you go to the menu is there a channel list/satellite list, if so scroll through until you get to an entry for Astra 2A/2D/2B it will be an old entry but the satellite frequencies have not changed, then select the Transponder list and scroll through until you find a frequency on the Astra 2E list(from King of Sat Astra 2E page, above) for example 10773 H then press ‘info’ on the keypad this should give you signal quality etc.
    If there isn’t an existing transponder and you want to add one,I guess this where you are at the moment then you need to Add TP. I refer to the King of Sat Astra 2e page(link above):
    Frequency is shown as the row of numbers eg 10773 followed by an H or a V which is the polarity. Symbol rate is 22000.
    So, if you enter 10773 H 22000 that should give you BBC One London etc
    Just enter them as Sat freq1 ,Sat freq2 etc, do them one at a time and see how you get on. The meters are not very different, mostly it down to the way in which the pages and input is arranged.



    Thanks Madiran – I will relook tomorrow, have manual, but not very explicit as you know. The data for 2A(2B,2E) preloaded (in fact same for all satellites) says:-

    Freq 1 09750
    Freq 2 10600
    This puzzles me



    Those are the LNB switch frequencies, leave them as they are.
    see Just a thought, how are you connecting the meter, direct to the dish, a pass through the set top box or via a disqec motor set up?



    Hi – direct connect to lnb



    Hi Madiran. I think I have progressed following your advice. I created a new Group/Sat – and added some of the channels from Astra 1N, which it found OK – signal intensity 77%, quality 58% (in heavy rain)
    But it will not locate any 2E/2F channels – presumably since my 80cm dish setup is inefficient.
    Am I correct in assuming that if I add new TP’s for selected 2E channels – even though it will not find them now – when I upgrade my system I will be able to “see” them and adjust dish/lNB for max signal/quality?



    David, that sounds about right, though there are no ‘new’ frequencies as such, the satellites have changed but the frequencies have been carried over, that said there is nothing to stop you adding frequencies/transponders to your list- I just set up a satellite entry with the frequencies that I want to monitor, some are still on 1N and the others have transferred to 2E.



    Hi Madiran – I have ordered a Triax 110 and Inverto Ultra lnb – I hope these will be sufficient to recover the lost channels here in Cannes.
    In 1989 I used to install motorised dish systems for family and friends – without current satfinder technology of course.
    We invited the village to see the big fight on the original sky sports channel (was it Bruno v Ali?)
    My current sky dish I set up 10 years ago with the old inclinometer and sound-only sat meter.



    Good luck with that, keep us up-dated on the site with reception reports. I set up our first dish years ago using the set top box and the wife leaning out of the window ‘Left a bit, left, up a bit’ -the sat meter is a lot easier. The signal was so good you just needed to point the thing in the right direction, now there is no margin for error. I haven’t decided on dish size yet but it looks like it will have to be a minimum of 150cms, the fringe reception drop-off is quite severe.



    Hi Madiran – “minimum of 150cms”? – this makes my recently-ordered 110cm pale into insignificance!
    “La Bosse” will be mad with me if it is too small and I have to get a larger one!
    Re your “12515H q85% 80% — s/n15.8dB 14.9dB – q100% 100%(Pan European beam)” – am I correct this is BT Sport/ESP?N etc encrypted – and on 2F
    I am seeing 75% Signal Intensity and 76% quality on the satlink.
    Since I see nothing on 2E – but can see 1215H on 2F – this suggests that a dish alignment may help?
    How do you obtain the “s/n15.8dB 14.9dB” – and how do you know which is the “Pan European beam”

    My satlink asks for a password if I want to delete (channels or sat) things – is there a default one? – since I can’t see any reference in the manual or online



    David, 12515H is now listed as Sky and is encrypted. I have used it simply as a reference for the PE beam, it carried S4C for a while which we used to watch for the rugby ( we are not Welsh, but S4C do an English language commentary) it reminds me again what ba good signal should look like. Again, you should be looking at King of Sat or similar, they list all the c



    Hi Madiran – just received Inverto quad frm Amazon – fast delivery. First I rechecked my 80cm dish alignment, which was perfect – slight push left/right/up/down degraded signal – also checked lnb skew – was ok.
    I noted sky signal stength on my sky box for sky news, channel 5HD, sky sports
    -and on satmeter
    After installing the Inverto and tweaking skew and in/out – I got extra 5% on signal strength – to 85% – and extra 5% on quality.
    For 2E channels it was 82%/24% – so unable to receive channels
    My sky signals went up to 100% srength and quality

    * I did check with short cable also, and found as has been previously reported that short cable with inverto loses 5%!!

    I have 100% on 12515H – which is BT sport and ESPN on sky

    I expect Triax 110 Saturday and will advise findings



    Are they any good and what is the price ta



    Villa, I take it you mean the Satlink finder? I have used the WS 6908 and find it very useful, it is currently attached to one of the feeds from the quad LNB so I can check the signal whenever I like-very convenient. They are effectively a set top box with knobs on but portable, it gives you signal strength and quality in percentages, bit error rate, signal to noise ratio in dBmw. The manual provided is crap, you have to sit pressing buttons to find what they really do. They are clearly not as good as the pro quality kit that people like Monty use and some people are a bit sniffy about amateur cheap chinese kit, but, they do work, mine has helped me set up and tune a number of dishes, they are cheap (in comparison with the pro stuff) get the WS6908SE , the newer model that is configured for DVB-S2 (HD etc) there are alot of the older models being sold off. Expect to pay between 90€ and 120€, there is a German (multi language) website that sells them and provides after sales service etc and from the look of it has some interesting new models. You can buy them cheaper through Amazon/E-Bay, I did, but be careful you get it from a European supplier some are sold directly from China.



    Sounds good may get one as a back up for when my pro one is lent out.



    Hi Madiran and Bonjour from Bagneres de Bigorre. I’ve been looking at the Satlink WS-6908/SE and as far as I can see even the SE is only DVB-S compatible, unfortunately. Is it a problem being limited to DVB-S in your experience – presumably it means that the meter doesn’t receive a picture (or signal strength/Quality data?) for the DVB-S2 channels?

    As an alternative I’ve also been looking at the Satlink WS-6933 which does support DVB-S2 but doesn’t display a TV picture, just the data. I want a meter for fine tuning so do you think that not seeing the TV picture would be much of a handicap?



    I have followed all the advice on this thread and it has been extremely useful; thank you. I have a Satlink WS-6906 and using the Astra 2d satellite I can get all the BBC channels on the instrument with a 80%+ signal strength and 30% quality. However, my TV still says it is not receiving a video signal. I have tried a Sky + box, a Sky HD box and  Sky +HD  box all with the same result. I have tried the various re-sets given on-line without any success.

    I have the dish input and the power into the boxes and the scart or HDMI cable to the TV; what on Earth am I doing wrong?



    Anyone have experience with this little meter?

    Sathero sh 100hd

    I was thinking it would make a good general /camping meter.


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