Signal December 2016……

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    Steve ……

    All good here in Munich …..cant remember having such a good signal!……



    Hello to those still in the club- feels a little like a “Robsexit” !! It appears that the site has lost a lot of people who always provided advice and valuable data.  I hope they come back.

    otherwise reception in North Germany ok except that ITVHD breakup at about 2030 each evening – all other stations pretty stable.

    I miss Dereks charts – and I don’t really know why I admit that I’m not a robot!



    Hi Terry, nice to know someone misses me 🙂 . As you may have noticed, it is no longer possible to upload images to Robs Forum, hence the disappearance of my charts.
    From the banner now appearing on the forum page, it appears that Paul is “in the process of setting up……….a website redesign”, so we can only hope that the upload feature is reintroduced.
    Back to Blighty for a month without sat tv or broadband in the house (my 96 year mum is too busy to play with such gadgets!). So I have to rely on my phone and expensive data or free internet (in the local pub or on a wet & windy Fenlands street corner outside the NatWest bank). Due to such inconveniences I shall not be doing much posting so take this opportunity to wish all of you (remaining) a very enjoyable Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.
    Festive cheers from Derek.

    PS: forgot to add that signal here is also AOK.


    What an image you conjure up Derek – forced to stand at a wet and windy Fenland street corner (probably next to the “unfortunates” sitting below the cash machine) to get your fix of access. My sympathies – I doubt I would survive so long without constant internet access. I too will be in Blighty for 3 or 4 weeks, but enjoying the TV and access provided by Mr Branson, chez Blast Jnrs. Picture quality however, especially on the “higher up” channels, e.g. ITV3+1, tends to be really crap.

    Signal here at the moment, is just one notch down from perfect, as I am getting all my difficult channels, but with the exception of ITVHD Meridian – always the ultimate test.

    This robot sometimes has difficulty in spotting which are the three (American and very low res) pics that fit the criteria.

    Bon Voyage!

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