Spain-Astra 2E Reception

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    A bad day—all 2F &2E chs at 5 db SNR–hence no pictures—weather clear/cloudy.



    Hello Rosas,Carcassonne speaking
    same story here we’re about 120ks apart ,by air
    sois that seasonal?
    i lost uk beam
    However, pan eiro beam is as strong as usual



    @ROD——yes,the pan Euro beam is about 15 db higher (sig strength) as usual.
    It is not strange that both 2E&2F have “faded” together if this the start of the “seasonal” variation .



    Torre de la Horadada, Costa Blanca (as south as you can go)

    Has been very bad today, slight cloud at times. Seems to have improved this evening. BBC One Scotland HD steady.


    Josh Romera

    Bad days here in San Sebastian too (N. Spain). No 2E/2F signal today except for some Channel 5 in the morning (for a very short time) and some breaking up picture on BBC One right now (8:45PM). Very similar yesterday and improving a little bit from 9PM on on 2E. Weather: slightly overcast.

    (San Sebastian: Northern Spain near the western tip of the French border; Gibby 1.25 + Raven feedhorn + twin Invacom).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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