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    High Priority:
    -None currently

    Medium Priority:
    -Update Reception maps and pages
    -Forum Colours (Ive started on this) – And just made the text black. Much better
    -Start updating all the old pages!

    Low Priority:
    -Add channels/frequencies list á la lyngsat
    -Add to “Did You Know” list.
    -Preview message before posting it function
    -Social bookmarking / Twitter Feed / FB integration for those who would prefer updates via their favorite social networking platform
    -Enable members to become authors
    -Add moderators
    -Any other “little” fixes I’ve forgotten to mention.

    -Fix Avatar sizes from displaying larger than they should (Think I’ve sorted this out, most pages are fine anyway for now.)
    -Adjust template for full screen width.
    -Move from
    -Change to HTML mode
    -Add google canonical URLs in pages
    -Change images on to load from my server, saving bandwidth on and avoiding more fees there
    -Investigate some emails not being sent
    -New server setup and switchover
    -Forum/server time zone
    -Investigate possibility of the site being very slow for a small percentage of users
    -Password change option is now available on “Edit Profile” Page
    -ipad/mobile version of the site
    -Private Messaging button is intermittent!



    I think I have sorted the “some emails not getting through” issue. I have added server verification records which seem to be working, so other email hosts such as gmail and hotmail etc should trust this server a lot more.
    Now I can stop activating new user accounts manually which is good, as I believe I was activating a lot of spam accounts by mistake…oops. Now they’ll have to verify their accounts by email which is another step which may prevent some of them from signing up.

    The new server setup and switchover is pretty much complete. Everything is running OK.

    Server Time zone has been changed to UK time. Hopefully this will show up on the forum.

    Next big issue is on to the medium priority section, starting with forum colours and a mobile version of the site.

    I spent too many hours getting this site up and running and it took it’s toll on me, more than about 5 hours a day on the PC doesn’t do me any good, so 1-2 hours a day will be have to be a sufficient amount of time to work on the site. Adding new content will keep the site fresh in the eyes of google and other search engines, this will improve search engine rankings, meaning more people will stumble on the site and the more users we have, the better the site will become.

    I intend to learn more about satellite stuff and update the pages about each satellite so that the pages will continue to come up really high for generic searches such as “Astra 2E”.



    Testing image attachments on posts.

    4MB maximum upload size on the forum, dont abuse it!

    Currently battling large amounts of spam registrations. Newly installed plugins have blocked 24 registrations since yesterday so it’s improving. Hoping any genuine users don’t get blocked!



    Very nice feature Paul – as a trial will try to add another pic of my 1973 Honda 350 Four (sorry, nothing to do with Sat):



    Wow – works a treat and it was a 3MB file..!!



    Hehe nice one 🙂



    Hi Paul, see you’ve sorted the mobile version. I’m using it at the moment and it seems fine. Will also try to add a pic, just anything I can find on my phone. Great work….!!!!


    Steve ……

    Hi Paul….the site is working ok on the iPad now … Zoom in now crystal clear ……brill…!!..nice one….thanks…



    OK thank feck for that. I thought it was a rubbish mobile template but it will do for now then till I have time to find a better one 🙂

    Thanks for the feedback.


    Steve ……

    “Feck”…reminds me of “Rob”….he also used to use that word a lot of times in the past ……( mostly when when I was posting stuff on his site he didn’t like!!)



    Hahaha 🙂 Just tryin to keep the website semi respectable! 🙂

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