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    Hi, I hope I am posting in the correct forum apologies if not. I have been tasked by work to look into setting a service the same as we have found all the infrastucture but have been told we need to provide our own feeds. Does anybody know where I can find companies that provide these. We are based in Florida.


    Thanks in advance




    <span>BBC1 HD,</span>
    <span> BBC2 HD, </span>
    <span>ITV1 HD, </span>
    <span>Channel 4 HD, </span>
    <span>BBC3 HD, </span>
    <span>BBC4 HD, </span>
    <span>CBBC HD, </span>
    <span>CBeebies HD, </span>
    <span>BBC News HD, </span>
    <span>BBC1, </span>
    <span>BBC2, </span>
    <span>ITV1, </span>
    <span>Channel 4, </span>
    <span>FIVE, </span>
    <span>BBC3, </span>
    <span>BBC4, </span>
    <span>ITV2, </span>
    <span>ITV3, </span>
    <span>ITV4, </span>
    <span>5*, </span>
    <span>5 </span>
    <span>USA, </span>
    <span>ITV+1, </span>
    <span>Channel 4+1 (Low), </span>
    <span>Channel 5+1 (Low), </span>
    <span>Film 4, Film 4 + 1 (Low), </span>
    <span>More 4, More 4 + 1 (Low), </span>
    <span>E4, </span>
    <span>4seven, </span>
    <span>Pick TV, </span>
    <span>C Beebies, </span>
    <span>CBBC, </span>
    <span>CITV, </span>
    <span>POP, </span>
    <span>Tiny POP, </span>
    <span>Tiny POP + 1 (Low), </span>
    <span>Kix, </span>
    <span>BBC1 Midlands, </span>
    <span>BBC1 </span>
    <span>Wales, </span>
    <span>BBC2 Wales, </span>
    <span>RTE One, </span>
    <span>RTE TWO, </span>
    <span>TV3, </span>
    <span>TG4, </span>
    <span>BBC NEWS, </span>
    <span>SKY NEWS, </span>
    <span>BBC Parliament, </span>
    <span>BBC World News, </span>
    <span>Chart Show, </span>
    <span>Chart Show Dance, </span>
    <span>Flava, </span>
    <span>Bliss, </span>
    <span>Heart TV, </span>
    <span>True Movies 1, </span>
    <span>True Movies 2, </span>
    <span>TrueEnt, Movies4Men, </span>
    <span>More>Movies, </span>
    <span>Horror Channel, </span>
    <span>BBC1 Northern Ireland (Low), </span>
    <span>BBC2 Northern Ireland (Low), </span>
    <span>Food Network, </span>
    <span>ITV1 (STV), </span>
    <span>ITV1 (UTV) (Low), </span>
    <span>S4C – New, </span>
    <span>CBS Reality + 1, CBS Action, </span>
    <span>Showcase, </span>
    <span>Al Jazeera, </span>
    <span>Bloomberg, CCTV News, </span>
    <span>BBC1 (Low), BBC 2 (Low), </span>
    <span>ITV (Low), Channel 4 (Low), </span>
    <span>Five (Low), </span>
    <span>BBC3 (Low), </span>
    <span>BBC4 (Low), </span>
    <span>ITV2 (Low), </span>
    <span>ITV3 (Low),</span>
    <span> ITV4- Low, </span>
    <span>5 Star (Low), </span>
    <span>5USA (Low), </span>
    <span>CBBC (Low), </span>
    <span>C Beebies (Low), </span>
    <span>Pick TV (Low), </span>
    <span>Pick TV + 1, E4 </span>
    <span>(Low), E4 + 1 (Low), </span>
    <span>More 4 (Low), Film 4 (Low), </span>
    <span>CITV (Low), </span>
    <span>POP (Low), RTE One (Low), </span>
    <span>RTE TWO (Low), </span>
    <span>TV3 Low, </span>
    <span>TG4 (Low), </span>
    <span>True Movies 1 (Low), </span>
    <span>True Movies 2 (Low), </span>
    <span>True Entertainment (Low), </span>
    <span>Movies4Men + 1 (Low), </span>
    <span>BBC News (Low), </span>
    <span>Sky News (Low).</span>


    Hi Matt, welcome to Rob’s!! Officially not the right forum for your request but it’s the one where most of the regulars participate, so your chance of a reply improves. Afraid I’m totally ignorant so hope others are not – at least by replying I hope to have made your request more visible…
    Good luck, Derek.


    Paul E

    Since you are out of signal range for picking up these broadcasts from the transmitter…

    I guess you could use a feeds from other IPTV sites….?

    Not a great solution admittedly.

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