Uk signal recepción March 2014

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    All Ok no probs whats all the fuss about



    Same as yesterday

    All Ok no probs whats all the fuss about



    Are you just wasting bandwidth? lol



    Hello Paul
    No just hoping someone will come on and say they have
    Poor uk signal re fault and we can all help them out.
    Or just rubbing it in the face of Europe’s poor signal
    Or both lol x2


    Steve ……

    Villa…are all the all spot beam channels the same signal Quality / Strength …or are some channels stronger than others …even in the UK..?..Ch5 & itv hd …compared to bbc 1…for example..


    Gary D

    Villa – are you in the UK at the moment?

    I have noticed a change here in wet, windy & cold Surrey…

    I have discovered that BBC World on 19.2E has a lower SQ today at about 68% on my French FujiOnkyo box which is causing the picture to break up.

    The last time I watched BBC World (last week) it was OK. I haven’t bothered to check whether its transponder has been moved to a different satellite. I could probably improve reception by moving the LNB a little bit as it is only being held on by a couple of cable ties next to the Sky dish LNB…

    The French channels haven’t changed, so I probably won’t bother.


    Steve ……

    Hows your signal today ? ..Villa ……Any changes…?….

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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