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    Frank Owen

    I have a 120cm Raven dish with a feed horn LNB and a Humax receiver all located at Opio. I have seen many reports since February and I think it appropriate to give an update as I see it.

    On a clear day without sand dust clouds, or heavy weather I receive perfect pictures on all BBC channels including HD, and Channel 5 …ie the difficult ones from 2E.

    When we had dust clouds in March April May timeframe I lost the BBC channels , and likewise I had severe pixelation when we had heavy rain or heavy clouds.

    The Raven is a top of the line dish and I have set it up with pro test equipment as the angle of view is 1.6 degrees (3dB window) …during storms in March the dish shifted slightly but I quickly corrected the dish orientation.  Friends have had issues fixing this dish to chimney tops and finding no chimney afterwards so if you plan to fit a dish of this size I would avoid using your chimney unless it is a very solid reinforced chimney.

    Friends have told me that other 120cm dishes have given poor results as they are not as accurate as the Raven….I believe that a dish of 125cm, or 130cm is giving good results …however in my view I believe that ones should use in our area a 150cm or if as is the case for Raven 180cm is the next size up available in Europe. …that is a big dish and has a 100cm fixing pole so it is serious stuff and expensive.


    For the time being I shall stay with my 120cm and accept that in bad weather, or when we get sand storms I shall have a deteriorated picture.


    Finally the free view channels have moved around and the HD channels are located where the standard ones for BBC1, BBC2, and BBCNews used to be. That gives reception issues during marginal weather conditions (cloud but not heavy rain when the picture simply dies) ..the answer is to select the standard BBC channels …Hope this helps people if they plan to buy a new dish.

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