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    Ok, so I thought about this. Many times on the forum I, like many others, find ourselves repeating ourselves at varying times to different posters who were not around the last time. My experience is all that drives me in my advice (but I am, of course, always receptive others’ advice and guidance too.

    So, what do I tell you? Following this weeks ‘turn on’ of 2E, leaving us now reliant on that and 2F, I can tell you and show you my reception report. I can also tell you what equipment I have. The rest, dear reader, is up to you to decide whether any of my information is any use to you.

    1, Equipment

    All was set up by hand (DIY) using an analogue “satellite finder” signal meter,

    • I have an old Panasonic DSB50 Sky SD box to watch standard SD FTA channels only (no subscription on other words).
    • A 1 metre dish (brand unknown) connected by about 30metres of cable)
    • Inverto Ultra Black Single LNB
    • A homemade RAINHOOD.
    (photos attached)

    The rainhood was made to keep rain off the LNB face which can bring down reception quite significantly – something we can ill afford on the fringes. Made from 1mm plastic from Leroy Merlin, and checked to ensure that it allows signals through it (by placing it in from of the LNB whilst I have a signal metre attached), it hoods the LNB whilst not impeding signal eyeline from the dish perimeter to the LNB face (otherwise the rain on the hood would cause as much problem as having it on the face). I STRONGLY RECOMMEND A RAINHOOD is you can do it. (Want to see why? Spray your LNB face with water whilst connected to a signal meter and you will see).

    2, Signal
    Early days (1 st week since 2E switch on) but according to my Sky system on screen signal meter (which is not the most sensitive in its increments) I get:
    • 2E about 80 and 90 strength and quality
    • 2F about 70 and 90 strength and quality (yes, its slightly LESS than 2E).
    (photos attached)

    HEAVY RAIN MAY cause breakup and signal loss (but not guaranteed). Its occasional but relatively rare over the year (based on 2F over the last year).

    Weakest channel on 2F is 4/seven (11126 V 22 5/6) – this would be the first to break up if there are problems.

    2E – too early to say which is most susceptible but frankly I think its irrelevant due to all channels being prime channels required.

    If you want to know anything about it all or how, then by all means shout.






    Hi Milanville,
    I am over in Verona and have lost all the BBC radio and TV stations. I have a system set up by a local sat guy here. I am using a 1m dish and a generic quad LNB. I have a Sky+ HD and SD box and I am getting C4, ITV 1,2,3,4 ITV HD but no BBC. If you are getting all the channels on your system then do you think it might be possible for me to achieve the same by getting your LNB and a bigger dish? Thanks for your posts and helpful info.



    Hi Turlough

    First of all: if youve lost BBC, you are DEFINITELY going to lose the rest when the rest of the channels such as ITV’s and C4 go axcross to 2E too (probably next week).

    As for a question of dish size. My personal opinion is that maybe you are quite a way out and a REALLY large dish would be required if there was to stand a chance. However, to help make a decision, look at the reception map that users are compiling on the right of this forum towards the top entitled “Astra 2E Reception Map”

    It shows someone in Padua that has already lost the same channels as you (and about to lose the others) and they are on a 1.5 metre dish. Of course, you are further west and MAYBE you might have a better experience on 1.5 metre.

    Im afraid there is no real way of being definitive on the answer without trying dishes, but that’s impossible unless you are really friendly with an installer that has a range of dishes up to 2 metre in his van.

    Hope this helps you decide one way or another. Sorry I cant advise more.



    Turlough, read this thread of someones advice to similar position to yours.



    Thought I would update this:   This week my Panasonic DSB30 box packed in and as I type I am using the old (archaic) Pace 2200 – you know the one:  black, and takes about 5 seconds to change channel (no exagration).

    Just for comparison I did a check of signal levels with this box to compare to those posted above on my Panasonic.

    The first screen above shows the strength at the same point (about 80%) but the quality is right down to the end of the letter ‘K’ (I would say 60%)

    The second screen shows the strength and quality both down to end of ‘K’ 60%.

    What a difference just in choice of receiver.



    FOr completeness and referencig, a picture from a distance of the 1m dish.

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