What's The Weather Like Where You Are…?

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    Steve ……

    Cant say welding is therapeutic..no fun at all really ……Just cheaper to buy the welding gear ..and DIY it ……….almost ready for the road…..just Cambelt,water pump and fan belt to change today …also fresh oil and antifreeze while I’m at it… 🙂 ….

    Thats some mileage Blast 6012 km….wow!!…Le mans is about 2600 km round trip .from here …thats more than enough in my 28 year old Camper van !…

    Sunny today about 15deg……

    Right ….back under the van now..for some more spanner work…  🙁  ….




    The Signal is down and somewhat sporadic. But do try an Opticum 2x or 4x. if your dish is 120 or less. otherwise go for a Feedhorn LNB Assembly.



    Steve ……

    No reception here at all  on Drama,yesterday  ,ITVHD ,4/7 and Ch4HD with Gibby feedhorn and Invacom c120….but with the the Opticum premium the problem channels are ok …all day ?..

    ps ….last month got a brand new Invacom c120 costing  50Euro !!…just to check what i post on here is correct……but still no reception …..so the cheapo  Opticum LNB remains on my Gibby 150…. and doing a great job too … 🙂 …….


    The 6k kms (including a fly-past of Le Mans) took six weeks Steve, I would imagine you will be doing a pair of 1400km dashs. A lot more effort involved on your part. For my 80cm caravan dish, I guess it will have to be a new Opticum (twin) guys – thanks for your guidance.


    Steve ……

    Blast …be sure a standard 40mm LNB will fit on your caravan dish..!……A standard LNB certainly wouldn’t fit on my “Maxview” 60/80 crank dish….. mounted on the roof of the van…….looks to be a Sky mini dish style of LNB…

    Sunny 18deg today….fab…….


    No probs there Steve. A bog standard (if folding arm) no-name dish. It was even drafted into service on the side of my house for about 7 years pre Gibby, before being returned to its proper role. Shame it didn’t work properly on the longest caravan trip that we’ll probably take.

    27°C this afternoon, threatening thunder. A sharp reminder that I DO need to fork out (probably rather a lot of) wonga to fix the car A/C pump, which developed a scream about Rhiems last week. Switching it off didn’t seem to matter at about 17°C.


    Steve ……

    Blast ….could just be a loose belt on the A/C or water pump or alternator belts ….! ……check before spending money on a new AC pump…..Usually the AC pump will only scream when under load as there is electric clutch system to engage it when switched on…..and just freewheels when not in use !….

    After a bit of a heatwave the last few days…….cold wet and rainy here…….hope the weather is better for my trip to northern Germany On Saturday !!!………


    To where, to where Steve? Don’t keep us in suspense!


    Steve ……

    Blast………Probably Quite near to Gelsenkirken…….. 🙂


    Now there’s peculiar. The whole line “northern Germany On Saturday !!!………” was missing from your post when I read it originally – it’s there now. Technology huh! Anyway, a long way – bon voyage.

    The scream on the a/c pump is intermittent, even when clutch engaged nd under load (and not at all when switched off). So far, I’ve talked to the Nissan dealer who quoted €1404 for a new one (no exchange). I ran out the door so quickly, I forgot to ask whether that included labour (maybe) and tax (probably not). A suggestion on the internet is that the lubricant may not have been topped up when the gas has been topped up, and suggests a drain, flush and recharge may do the trick. I’m off to let a (hopefully) expert listen to the noise. There’s an exchange on Mister-Auto website for about €410. Thinking back, this is the first tile I have been without working a/c possibly since 1974 (or definitely 1980).


    Steve ……

    Blast..If  the AC only squeals when AC is on…prob a new belt or a belt retention is worth a try …thats if you want to try DIY first ………not sure what special Lubricant a Nissan AC pump would have…if any ?….A AC system is a closed system ..bit like a fridge …I doubt a Flush or recharge would fix a noisy AC pump….


    Steve – sample extract from the manual, there is lubricant.

    2. Discharge refrigerant into the refrigerant recovery/recycling equipment. Measure lubricant discharged into
    the recovery/recycling equipment.
    3. Drain the lubricant from the old (removed) compressor into a graduated container and recover the amount
    of lubricant drained.
    4. Drain the lubricant from the new compressor into a separate, clean container.
    5. Measure an amount of new lubricant installed equal to amount drained from old compressor. Add this
    lubricant to new compressor through the suction port opening.
    and on and on . . . . . . cor!

    Anyway, it couldn’t be the belt or the tension as you suggested. Why not? Because I am very “belt conscious” after one let go and we missed our overnight ferry a few Xmas’ back. I had fitted new belts immediately before we set off this time. Mindful of bedding in, I actually checked the tension when we reached Bournemouth, and again while on a very accommodating hardstanding, at a caravan site in Huntingdon. It was just dandy. It was only some 400kms later that the squeal started, so couldn’t POSSIBLY be due to a loose or worn belt (and it definitely sounds more high pitched, like a bearing).

    So I booked the car in at our local Midas. But, before going tomorrow, I thought I would take off the splash guard under the wheel arch to observe exactly what was happening, and listen very closely to the noise, so that I could attempt to describe the (not always present) symptoms.

    What I was not expecting to see then, was the belt hanging loose. So loose in fact, I’m astounded that it was still there. You were right! I’m guessing what I actually need, is a nice new self-locking nut for the tensioner. So guys, should I just rush out and spend €1404 (plus Vat) on something nice ??

    26°C today – just nice for crawling under the car.


    Steve ……

    Great result Blast…nice one …and saved your self a few quid…..

    You could try some thread lock on the AC bolt …or lock 2 nuts together to stop it going lose in the future….



    chilly and Overcast this morning ….but at least  its not raining ……


    i put a drop of Blue on Steve, but will get a new nut when I next go near the dealer – I could almost turn it freely with my fingers. I would have done yesterday, but I see that panic petrol buying has now hit our area. No unnecessary journeys then. I’m glad I made it back from Calais before this nonsense started.

    Dull today, bit depressing. We reckon that UK is actually brighter when dull than here – must be the type of greenery.



    Hot and suuny here in spain a deep depression over man united


    Steve ……

    I do hope the Petrol /Diesel dispute in France gets sorted very soon…….or my trip to Le mans 24Hr on 13 June might be a bit difficult…!! … 🙁 🙁


    Steve ……

    a nice Sunny winters day here in Munich about 12deg or so ……But saying in to watch the snooker final (NI open on Eurosport DE 19.2)…..

    sadly Ronnie rocket was knocked out in round 4



    Overcast and much cooler here in the costa del sol  heavy rain forecast over the next few days    gas fires on from tonight  30 days and back to derby for 9 days  at xmas  the bank card will be hot



    Weather has been BEAUTIFUL for me until the last 2 days (now gone seasonably cold and wet).  The best weather – unseasonably warm and dry since August, and with perfect undisturbed reception (with 7 day catch up) – all with my Freeview YOUVIEW Humax box.  Brilliant.  Yes Im back in England and Im staying.  I guess this makes me no longer useful to this forum as I am

    a,  not using satellite

    b,  not even in foreign lands anymore.



    Best of luck back in blighty  we are back for 9 days at xmas   in derby   weather crap here rain damp cold for a week they say




    we dont mind hearing from you …any humour greatly received these days to cheers us still in exile up!!! weather so far this autumn been basically dry and warmer than usual…. today grey, windy but warm as it’s the south wind from blowing up from africa… just been out gathering some firewood for when things change…



    Would you consider yourself a victim of Brexit Jimi?

    Been observing Storm Angus hitting my UK patch this weekend. There were nine such storms the year before last. Who would want to go there? But just booked the ferry for 3-4 weeks self flagellation. Showing 19°C here today. I see a deal of snow on your Mountains Monty.



    Hi Blast.  No, Im not a victim YET.  But there is a VERY REAL chance I will be.

    Im English, my missus is Italian (and the boy is half each).  We are not married (and for good reason) but have been together for 11 years.  Our choice to come back to Blighty was for my sanity and future prosperity reasons and was decided long before “Brexit” was invented – the timing of the move, however, was just coincidental.  (I procrastinated too much about when and how).After all, who would have thought the Prime Minister would have been so stupid and ask the general public about a political decision?!  (And who would have thought the general public would have taken such a decision albeit by just 634,751.  Yeah, it’s not a lot is it when you compare it to 33.55million people voting).

    The problem is that Brexit could mean that my European other-half may not be allowed to stay/work/live here. Then I (we) would be a victim. Of course, we could guess that being married might make things better and more secure, but that would still make me a victim (for different reasons  😉  ) – and even that is guess work right now and probably also subject to the timing of the marriage.  Of course, ALL of this is supposition and we dont know yet what will happen but even so they are still possibilities.

    I suspect being in England things are going to get worse anyway (economy wise) so that already will make me a victim of Brexit.  (I’m already struggling to find a job so life is a little bleak right now.  Still, TV reception and facilities are excellent!). 😀



    Hi Blast, I guess we expats who are still abroad are the more likely victims of Brexit, not repatriated Jimi!
    Already we have seen our pensions slashed by 15% and we have no idea what deals will be reached on freedom of movement, right of abode, medical insurance, taxation, etc.
    To make things worse, weather here has turned very British in the last few days 🙁 .

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