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    Hi Jimi, I don’t know the present rules but my two kids, who have a British father (me I think!) and Italian mother, have both British and Italian passports.
    However, I guess your kid’s nationality is secondary to finding a job at the moment so I wish you every success and hope that you will all be very happy back in blighty.


    Well Jimi you touched on my raw nerve there, reminding me of the figure of only 634,751. It incenses me that everyone “in charge”, and who should be looking after the interests of the Man on the Clapham Omnibus, is sitting back saying “we must accept the will of the UK electorate” when clearly that will was only arrived at on top of lies, lies and more lies. For example, how many were swayed by the promise of shutters being brought down on immigration. How many even being led to believe that there would be mass deportations. How many by the “fact” that the rest of the EU would be falling over themselves to agree new trade agreements with the UK. Now proven that none of those will be as stated. And then there were all these folks who admitted afterwards that their vote was only a protest against Brussels/immigration, never expecting a “leave” majority.

    But the biggest factor by far, is exactly how many of the electorate were swayed by the outright lie of £350m weekly to be transferred to the NHS. The Independant reckons that half the voters believed this statement. Consider the 1,700,000 NHS employees alone (minus ineligible, but plus family members). I would suggest that they alone would have provided a fair proportion of the 634,751 votes that would have reversed the outcome. Surely someone has to declare the result obtained fraudulently and invalid, or at best “unsafe”. After all, it is just about the most important decision – ever.

    Now I like to think I am a genuine “don’t know” as far as the best interests of the UK is concerned, as nowhere have I ever seen anything that enables me to form an opinion – yet. But it sure is absolute madness to jump without a parachute and hope someone will hand you one half way down. It certainly won’t now be The Donald.

    As you say Derek, our pensions, as our only income (having been half wiped out by the recession already), have certainly taken a pasting, and there’s not much headroom left. Any adverse outcome affecting the exchange rate further, or UK’s contribution to the French Health Service and/or our “top-up” health insurance, will be the final straw. But at the age of coming up 73, we were already considering returning to the UK even before Brexit blew up – been here 12 years, 7 more than originally planned!. The reduced exchange rate might actually benefit, giving more sterling from the (probably pathetic) proceeds of the sale of this house.

    But it was good of you Jimi to share a bit more of your circumstances to remind us (me and other OaP’s) that there is more to it than just dosh. Us OaP’s are potentially just collateral damage, but Brexit certainly has the potential to screw up so many peoples’ private lives as well as economics and working lives. We wish you the best.



    Thanks Blast.  Its nice to see someone else with OPEN EYES too.

    I was very disheartened on June 24th not only by the facts that you have pointed out (people being hoodwinked by blatant lies, and people being stupid to not realise the people saying these lies are, after all, just a bunch of collective opinions from people in suits (despite them being MPs) and NOT actually a single ruling political party and therefore despite what they say *could* be done, doesnt actually beam WILL be done as there is no ‘power’ to be won from it – it wasnt an election) but also from the first interview of Mr and Mrs Public on the morning of the 24th being interviewed by a reporter and when asked, “what do you think of the result?”,
    she replied, “Its terrible. We are shocked.
    She was then asked “so I presume you voted to Remain?”,
    and she replied “No we voted to leave but we didnt expect it to happen.  We only did it as a protest.

    THESE PEOPLE SHOULD BE WRAPPED IN BUBBLE WRAP, PUT IN TO A BED AND HAVE THE DOOR LOCKED.  THEY ARE UNSAFE TO THEMSELVES!! They cant understand the point of a VOTE or even the magnitude of the referendum despite the previous 12 months of coverage.  And if there was her and her family, how many other people were there doing the same? Why were they given a vote?  Why were the GENERAL PUBLIC given a vote?!  The majority of public simply cannot comprehend the multi-faceted consequences of such a move – this is why we have a parliamentary democracy where we vote for politicians to make such decisions on our behalf.  They are made a lot of money to consider the good for the ENTIRE POPULATION and not just the single-minded thopught that suits themselves and whether “there are too many muzzies living in my street!” (those being stupid enough to think that coming out of the EU stops African and Middle-Eastern Muslims from coming to live in England, or that Mr and Mrs Patel, whose family have been living here for 60 years are all of a sudden going to be deported).

    I thought I was the only one noticing that the 634751 number was the difference.  Its tiny.  And I hate them referring to the result as a “4%” difference.  Where the answer is A or B with no other option it is more simple than that and was only 2% – in fact it was only 1.8%!  So yes, Im glad you noticed the difference and its consequences too.  (Ironically, I also chastised the idea of over 60’s for being given so much voting power as the most of them have had their ‘life’ lived (not working, retired, already have their money earned, education not required, house bought and settled) and its not their future that they were voting on whilst statistics show that they were the majority voters of Leave voters (70% or so of over 60’s).  By contrast, the 16 year olds, whose futures REALLY would be affected, werent allowed to vote at all. (Note:  I am not saying all pensioners have the same ideas but was generalising (as beared out by the stats)).

    Even now the “we will do this, we will do that” (in negotiations) continues to go on by the PM and politicians trying to hoodwink the public that we will get what *we* wanted.  THEY WONT!!!  Again, they are crucially forgetting that these ‘negotiations’ are with another party – that being the EU, which is made of 27 different countries, that collectively must agree!  And will only let May et al have what the EU wants them to have.  Even MErkel, with the claims of “dont worry, she isnt going to not deal with the UK because it will damage her car industry” is a bollocks shout by the Leave camp because there are still 26 other countries to agree.  They simply have no right to keep blarnying to the public that they will get this that and the other – they simply do not know (and likely they wont as Junker has made it very clear that there will be no compromise to EU values – that being freedom of travel and work).

    AARRRRGGHHH!!!!  Ok, …..relax Jim.

    (Its really best not to discuss Brexit with me. Im passionately pissed off by it all and the ridiculousness of how it has come about and the involvement of the general public).


    Yes my son is dual citizenship so he actually has no problems – he will be able to travel, live, educate and work wherever he wants to.  (That is the only positive we have here.)  The problem is that if my missus has problems and cant reside here then of course my son will likely stay with her and ultimately as a family we will remain split.  This is our fear.  We can only



    I can only imagine that the cronies who voted YES to Brexit are the same ones voting YES to Balls (Ed) on “Strictly”, thus adding ballroom dancing to their ignorance list!!


    Steve ……

    Well i thought Ed balls has been quite entertaining on strictly come dancing…especially the Gangman style dance  🙂 …nice one Ed!!!

    Nice day here 12 deg sunny /cloudy  ….good day to give the cars a clean & a coat of wax polish …..before winter arrives…

    Jim …good luck with your new life….. hope it works out……….and great to hear you finally got a Humax PVR… 🙂 🙂 …………..

    Ps …where’s my photo of the Oktoberfest waitress with bier steins gone ?… 🙁



    Thanks Steve.  As it goes it is in the form of the BT TV (Youview) box.  Effectively, its the generic Humax DTR T2000  with the power transformer on the outside at the plug (making it smaller) and a BT emblem on the front to make it look like the ‘BT INFINTY’ hub design.  Its model number is DTR T2100,  (Spot the difference).  Generic Humax T2000 (new) about £160.  This one £58 off ebay (due to people moving away from BT TV to Sky or something.  Theres always some for sale).  A bargain and I love it (even better than the Sky+ boxes IMO).



    Agree Steve, Ed is entertaining but programme is about dancing 🙂


    Ed has been very entertaining, keeping the public interest and the ratings up. But I am firmly of the belief that he will do the morally right thing and step down, if push comes to shove, allowing the real dancers to battle it out – unlike the numpties currently trying to fix Brexit !!

    PS I wish it to be known that I only watch Strictly for the band/singers. They are phenomenal in their versatility. But I wouldn’t like to try and predict the winner this year.

    PS ‘scuse my igorance, but does a Sky card work in a Humax Box? (Or does Sky accept the registration of any non-Sky box?)


    Steve ……

    Hi Blast….The Freesat Humax Boxes wont work with a Sky card…just Free to view channels …

    Jim….Looks like a nice Box…similar to what my Mum has….. But if i lived in the UK ..i would still want a Dish for 19.2 for Eurosport,ZDF  and Sport 1 channels …….

    Derek …..for me…Strictly is as much about dancing ……..as Hybrid Formula 1 is about racing ……….

    But Strictly is far more unpredictable , exciting and sounds better .. 🙂 ………

    Cold and cloudy here ..about 5 deg …better get the winter tyres fitted soon !

    BTW …happy birthday to me.. 🙂 🙂 …….



    Steve ……

    Cheers Blast ………wow… a birthday message from Captain Kirk !…..clever stuff 🙂  …..


    I think it is brill Steve – can’t resist using it at every opportunity.



    Happy birthday Steve!Think I said that a couple of years ago and you were…48?So using advanced maths I reckon you’re 50?Did you forget to mention this or I have I got something wrong…again!

    Have made a favourite of the birthday celebration,great.

    Agree with everything said on Brexit.Seems harsh but maybe some people shouldn’t be allowed to vote but then where’s democracy after that.This was funnier on the day of Brexit results but I was having trouble laughing:


    Weather here is getting colder and wetter.Cheers



    Steve ……

    Hi Mav ….cheers for the birthday wishes  🙂 …..but your “advanced maths ” is a bit wrong ……sadly I’m 51 this year 🙁 ……yes ….a bit of a old rocker these days …..

    weather…. a very Cold -6 (flat battery this morning……so new battery needed for the Seat Leon turbo )

    Signal  good on all channels…. ………..


    Steve ……

    Happy new year ..to all on *Robs*……

    Its a  rather chilly -4 Here ..and Snowing …….

    temps could go as low as -14 on Wednesday night ….Brrrrr



    Happy new year Steve. Here in Blighty, not quite so cold, probably due to Brrrrrexit 🙂



    Happy new year to everyone of course, hope it will not be as chaotic as it promises to be!


    Yes, Happy New Year to all (that remains).   I’m not up to all this 10 mins windscreen scraping in the morning here in my well sunny adopted Bournemouth (-6°C overnight apparently).  But I’m glad I’m not in my native East Coast Scotland – I wanna go home to my retirement Frogland!



    Raining here.-7 and snow forecast for the weekend.Happy New Year to everyone.Can’t be worse than last year!….Cheers



    been windscreen scraping and down to minus 7 here in the tropical south of france…


    Gary D

    Happy New Year everyone! It’s been very cold here in Occitanie, France.  At least the cold weather helps to reduce the noise figure of our LNBs I suppose.



    minus 10c here this mornung

    Brass monkeys


    Well that’s very cheering to know, fellow Occitans.  Very cold drive down from Caen today, -5°C at Le Mans, and only got to 1°C near Bordeaux.  Luckily, roads very dry.    House was  2°C INSIDE when we arrived.  I wish I had stayed in Bournemouth.  It will take about four days to get rid of the chill despite CH on high and roaring log fire.

    Glad you see some good from it Gary D, but my Bête Noire  ITV Meridian HD not working tonight.




    Coldest since living in spain snow oh the mountains  back to the uk sat for a week


    Gary D

    Well following the strong (160kmhr) winds over the past few days, the wind has dropped and it’s very pleasant outside.

    Unfortunately, I’ve lost 4seven and also Box Hits (not that I watch it, just noticed that it was also gone). All other channels are still there at more or less the same strength so not too sure what’s happening!!??!!

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