ws6908 – no Astra 2??

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    Hi, first time posting here 🙂

    hoping for some help with a satlink WS6908 which i’ve been leant by our electrician, he’s not been able to get it to work properly so gave it to me to see if i could, seeing as i have a reception problem…

    looking at the tutorial online it shows a direct selection within the menu of the astra 2 satellite which is the one i need, trouble is, it seems to be missing from the menu, any ideas? do i need to get the unit online to update something?

    cheers for any pointers 🙂



    Hi Nick, welcome to the site. You might try this link:
    There should be an entry for the Astra group of satellites, unless someone has been playing with it, or it has an alternative list of satellites loaded.
    Its not a problem anyway as you can simply add your own Astra entry with whatever frequencies from 2E and 2F you want to use, the information is available at LyngSat Flysat and King of Sat websites-the link I posted will show you how to do it.



    Is it really old? Im having the same problem with a Topfield (something or other) PVR – it has pre set options for different satellite and Astra 2 being one of them, but I cant find any channels despite that a sky box works on the same dish so its no signal problem. Hell the Topfield even shows signal strength 70%…wierd

    Even on a full manual scan with the correct settings 22khz, LNB power on, LNB frequency 9750/10600 or whatever (Ive tried them all!) no luck

    I think it’s just broken! I could try a factory reset and maybe I could try upgrade the firmware. But Im sure there’s a reason it was in pieces with no hard drive in amongst my Uncle’s old satellite equipment pile, hah 🙂

    So anyway can you do a manual scan instead of the preset options? I think these settings are about right:
    22khz, LNB power on, LNB frequency 9750/10600. Oh wait, that LNB setting might disable the LNB frequency settings of 22khz because a “Universal LNB” setting will force 22khz on (Or something like that), So dont worry if that option is greyed out.



    Paul, Signal Strength is a function of the system and indicates the signal level from the LNB after conversion- so it effectively shows that the set top box is connected to an LNB and that’s about it. Signal Quality is really what you should concentrate on, if you haven’t got that you may not be pointed at a satellite, the dish is too small or the box is kaput or lots of other things.
    Topfield, is it anything like this?



    Ahh thanks.
    The front is missing where the model number is but I seem think its a 5500. Sky box works fine, it must be broken. 🙁

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