XBMC with Expat TV/notfilmon/FTV plugins

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    For anyone with minimal computer skills XBMC media centre with any one of the above plugins is a viable alternative/backup to satellite TV (non HD). XBMC can be installed on a wide range of platforms. I have installed it on Windows and Android and the interface and function is almost identical on either. The great thing about the plugins for Filmon is that without a subscription you can get what they call ‘HD’ but which is in fact comparable image quality to satellite SD on a 37 inch screen. This is the advantage of the XBMC plugins over the web and android app versions of Filmon. The other plus is that you can navigate XBMC with a remote control. I know some people are using android based smartTV boxes with XBMC installed. This is probably a cheaper and less reliable option than my setup with a Acer Revo HTPC with Windows 7 which I bought a few years ago, but I imagine performance is similar. In any case, I have been really impressed with the performance of these plugins on my smartphone, tablets and PCs. As I say, if you have basic skills (and broadband) this is a far better solution that paying through the nose for some crappy IPTV service. To work out how to install XBMC and any of the three plugins (with FTA you don’t even need a Filmon account), Google is your friend.

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