Satellite TV Beginner Guides

On this page we have some satellite TV tutorials for beginners.

Learn how to set up and install satellite TV. How to get UK or European TV, which satellites to tune in to, which way to point your dish and what equipment you need to receive the signal.

If there is anything you would like to know then be sure to ask a question on our forums!

How to get European Satellite TV

If you would like to receive European Satellite TV, from the UK or anywhere in Europe. Hopefully this page will give you some useful info on the various satellites you can receive. Also we will give you some information on what satellite equipment you need to be able to tune in to these satellites and … Continue reading

How to add frequencies on Sky and Freesat

SKY AND FREESAT Sky Box - Adding Channels                  HOW TO ADD CHANNELS TO A SKY BOX (Frequencies for the free to air channels are available on a separate page on this site, called free to air frequencies)   SKY AND SKY+ STANDARD DIGIBOXES      1) press services … Continue reading

How to get free UK Satellite TV

UK Satellite TV Reception in Europe and the UK If you would like to get free to air / freesat unencrypted UK TV (English channels) and are living in Europe or the UK, this page will have some relevant info for you regarding satellites, equipment and which way to point your dish. Satellites broadcasting English … Continue reading

Satellite Equipment

Here are some guides on satellite equipment for beginners.  Dishes Monoblock LNBs Multi Satellite Solution Multi LNBs with Fixed Dish Satellite Receivers Useful Satellite Accesories

How to get free Satellite TV

Satellite TV Installation Guide for receiving free satellite TV  Other pages on this site have more detail on satellite receivers, dishes, LNBs and other equipment, also about receiving multiple satellites and which way to point your dish. The "How to get UK satellite TV" page is probably quite useful for first time satellite time installers. … Continue reading

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  1. I live in south east Spain and I have a 1.9 metre Prime Focus dish.

    What is the best LNB to get all the UK TV (in HD if possible) – and also the American channel, PBS…?

    Thank you,

    Struan Robertson

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