Watch UK TV Live Streaming Online for free

We are building a new UK TV site with TV guide, more channels, DVR (record and playback) features and lots more. Until then:

Then, to select a channel, use the website menus.
(We will have our own TV guide launched soon.

*More Channels Coming Soon*

4 thoughts on “Watch UK TV Live Streaming Online for free”

    1. Please note that the BBC block access from ALL countries except the UK, so BBC1 and BBC2 are only available from UK.

      This is of course because the BBC is funded mostly by the TV licence fee charged to all TV owners in UK.

  1. Just discovered your site in time to watch live coverage of the Brexit result – thanks for that! My question is – when will other UK channels be added and a specific request for ITV3. I have tried streaming from; coverage from all channels are prefaced by a French ad and then blocked after 15 minutes or so after a repeat ad and the site frozen. So until I know what is going on I am keeping well away! Needless to say streaming from your site is totally trouble free! Hence my initial question & request.

    1. I just added a load more channels, been meaning to for ages. However I think you will have the same problem, the stream (which all come from filmon) will detect which country you are in and show relevant ads or even block you 🙁
      One day I will set up my own IPTV system but I have other things to finish first. Regards

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