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RSTV-UK is a private, members only organisation.
Within our organisation we are primarily a community of British ex-pats (British people living abroad).
We believe in the rights of people to view and discuss free-to-air (e.g., UK Freeview) TV content anywhere in the world.
We accept new members by nominations only.
New member applications will be considered by RSTV website administrators on an individual basis.
Membership Criteria:

You must be aged 18 or over.

You must be able to communicate in English.

You must be a fan of British TV.

How to become a member

**You will need to be nominated by an existing member**

Step 1: Register on the website. Registering on the website does NOT make you a member. You can check the membership page and you will see that you are Level 0 (not a member).

Step 2: Nomination
- Option 1 : An existing RSTV-UK member must nominate you - first you register on our website, then provide your friend with your RSTV username, they then nominate you on our forums.
- Option 2: If you do not know any RSTV-UK members - make a donation and I will nominate you myself - be patient, there is no "instant access" here as that might surmount to a "communication to the public" which would be a breach of copyright  - it is strictly members only. (please also refer to the FAQ page for more explanation on how to join and donations)  If you are going to donate using Paypal, it is important use the same email address for your RSTV website registration as your Paypal email address. Or if you donate using Stripe, be very careful to type the same email address as your RSTV website login email address else I cannot match your donation to your RSTV account, and you will spend many hours and days wondering why you haven't been made a member.

Step 3:  After nomination by a friend, your application will be considered (accepted, all being well), an admin will make you a Trial Member (Level 1), you can then activate or renew an ongoing membership plan via the Membership Page. If you donated, most days UK time I will see the email quickly. Check the Membership Page every few hours to check your membership level. Please allow up to 24 hours just in case I'm having a day off. If still nothing, see the FAQ on what to do next.

Step 4: If you are happy that the test channel work on your device, you can upgrade to an active membership by paying the minimum monthly membership fee of £1.49 (at time of writing).

If you are not happy with anything, please write a topic on the forums, this service works on just about every device and in all countries. If you are having issues, the forums is the best place for quick response. But if you are unhappy, please request a refund via the contact page. Thank you.


I suggest you take a look around the forums first and see that we are a genuine, active, members only club.

Membership Rules

By applying to be a member, you agree to the rules!

Before posting any technical problems or support requests you will read the "FAQ" and the "Troubleshooting". if these do not answer your query, you will read the "Readme First" topic before posting on the forums.

You will not email me (the website developer) with your support queries. This is what the support forums are for. If the forum moderators cannot help you, they will escalate the issue to me.

No arguing, spamming or selling on the forums.

No advertising our group in public.

Strictly no playing our TV streams in public.

The subscription price for members shall be decided by the RSTV administrator and is subject to change at any time. You will be notified of this beforehand and can cancel your membership at any time. Payments can be made manually by yourself, or you may choose automatic recurring payments. For the concerned amongst you, subscription payments are not able to change without your consent! So if you choose a recurring monthly subscription, it is impossible for us to change this amount and to automatically take a larger payment. Paypal protect buyers against such things.

The RSTV administrator shall have power to expel any member who shall offend against the Rules of the Club or whose conduct shall in the opinion of the RSTV administrator render him or her unfit for membership of the Club. Any person whose membership is terminated shall immediately be excluded from the website and shall have no claim against the the RSTV administrator, the website, the Club, or any member thereof. Any member whose membership is terminated shall not re-apply for membership within twelve months of such termination.

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