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Welcome to the Squirrel Streams F1 page

If you are looking for the Squirrelstreams F1 streaming website, it is currently offline. We have put this page‚ here in it's‚ memory!

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What was‚ Squirrelstreams?

There are not many facts known about Squirrelstreams but here are some:

  • Squirrel is a nickname of somebody who used to provide F1 streams online
  • Squirrelstreams is the name of his website where he streams F1 online
  • Squirrel uses free streaming sites such as Twitch &‚ Azubu and embed the stream on his website
  • Free streaming sites such as these will close the stream when they see that sporting events are being streamed, because their websites are not intended for this. E.g. Azubu and Twitch are intended for live computer game streaming.
  • If you are watching and the stream gets disconnected (by Twitch/Azubu admins), you will then have to wait a few minutes for Squirrel to start a new stream under another free account with one of these free streaming websites
  • Occasionally,‚ Squirrelstreams website was not online
  • Sometimes squirrelstreams had practise sessions of F1, not always
  • Soemtimes squirrelstreams embedded streams from other people's websites without permission and made the stream run like crap because it had too many viewers, once the other website found out, they ran banners across the video and sweared a lot at squirrel.
  • The other website then started to protect their video so squirrel could not embed it
  • Squirrelstreams F1 is still offline at time of writing (16 Mar 16)
  • There is an Apache webserver default page running on squirrelstreams.com
  • Summary: Squirrelstreams was a bit unreliable
  • We are not affiliated with Squirrelstreams / Squirrel Streams F1

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