How to Watch Formula 1 Live Online in Australia for Free

In Australia, live F1 coverage is shared between free TV (TEN) and paid TV (FOX) channels. This broadcast agreement‚ is in place until 2018.

TEN‚ have half of the races live. If you want to watch live F1 in Australia for free and it isn't on TEN, then you will have to watch online. click here to read more about Watch Live F1 Online‚ for free‚ to see some options of websites that stream F1.

If you are in Australia you can also watch live F1 via the TEN website (the half of races which are live on TEN). If you do not live in Australia then you cannot watch via‚ the Ten website as it is locked to viewers in Australia only.

The‚ countries which have all of the F1 coverage live for free often allow people in that country to‚ watch‚ live streams on their websites, but not many. There are other not so official websites which you may be able to watch live F1 on, see our list for more info - watch f1 online.

If you are trying to watch an official TV station broadcastwhich is geo-locked (only viewers in that country can view it) then you can use a VPN or proxy to trick their website in to thinking you are in Australia (or the relevant‚ country). These are paid services and they require a tiny bit bit of technical knowledge or confidence.

TEN‚ claim that you can watch live stream online via tenplay‚ though I cannot see the race on their schedule this coming Australian Grand Prix (time of writing Sunday 20th March 2016). I can see qualifying on their Saturday schedule. ‚ For example this is on their schedule for March but I see nothing for Sunday and the race: (But do check for yourself closer to the time of each broadcast)


  • TENPlay website

    Formula One‚ -‚ "Don't miss the Formula 1 qualifying for all of the thrills and spills imaginable. Enjoy all the action on the track as drivers hustle for pole position."

2016 Formula 1 Race Dates and Australia Live stream coverage

Event Date & TV Schedule Location Watch
2016 Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix 18 March, 1130-1930 on ONE
19 March, 1000-1830 on TEN/TEN HD/ONE
20 March, 1000-1800 on TEN/TEN HD
Melbourne Live
2016 Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix 4 April, 2130-2230 on ONE Bahrain Highlights
2016 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix 18 April, 2130-2230 on ONE Shanghai Highlights
2016 Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix 1 May, 2130-2400 on TEN/TEN HD Sochi Live
2016 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix 16 May, 2130-2230 on ONE Catalunya Highlights
2016 Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix 29 May, 2130-2400 on TEN/TEN HD Monte Carlo Live
2016 Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix 13 June, 2130-2230 on ONE Montreal Highlights
2016 Formula 1 Europe Grand Prix 19 June, Race start TBC Baku Live
2016 Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix 4 July, 2130-2230 on ONE Spielberg Highlights
2016 Formula 1 Britain Grand Prix 10 July, 2130-2400 on ONE Silverstone Live
2016 Formula 1 Hungary Grand Prix 25 July, 2130-2230 on ONE Budapest Highlights
2016 Formula 1 German Grand Prix 31 July, 2130-2400 on ONE Hockenheim Live
2016 Formula 1 Belgium Grand Prix 29 Aug, 2130-2230 on TEN/TEN HD Spa-Francorchamps Highlights
2016 Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix 4 Sept, 2130-2400 on TEN/TEN HD Monza Live
2016 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 19 Sept, 2130-2230 on TEN/TEN HD Singapore Highlights
2016 Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix 2 Oct, 1730-2000 on ONE Sepang Live
2016 Formula 1 Japan Grand Prix 10 Oct, 2130-2230 on ONE Suzuka Highlights
2016 Formula 1 American Grand Prix 24 Oct, 2130-2230 on ONE Austin Highlights
2016 Formula 1 Mexico Grand Prix 31 Oct, 0530-0800 on ONE Mexico City Live
2016 Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix 14 Nov, 2130-2230 on TEN/TEN HD Sao Paolo Highlights
2016 Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 27 Nov, 2230-0200 on TEN/TEN HD Abu Dhabi Live

Race Live stream‚ available on web and mobile apps during live race events.
Check the 2016 Motorsport Calendar‚ to know when the next event will be on Channels TEN, TEN HD, ONE or available for live stream on tenplay.

All events on TEN will also be aired on TEN HD, available on Channel 13.



FOX have every practise, qualifying and race LIVE. You can watch Fox Sports Au online, but Fox is a paid subscription.‚ 

If you want to watch live F1 in Australia for free and it isn't on TEN, then you can try to‚ watch online some other way.‚ See our page‚ ‚ Watch Live F1 Online‚ to see some options of other websites.

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