not free any more – 2 minute limit, stops free UK TV ! is no longer free for UK TV channels.


Filmon are a TV streaming website with channels from many different TV broadcasters from around the world. There are hundreds of programmes and TV stations from many countries including the UK, but yesterday, UK TV is not free any more on filmon. Now users have to subscribe and pay around £14.95 per month.

Many of the top websites for "watch UK TV Online", "watch british TV channels" and "uk tv streaming" etc use tv feeds from a provider named Filmon.
Filmon let people be affiliates, earning commissions for getting new visitors and subscribers to filmon. But filmon stopped paying their affiliates many months ago without reason and without replying to emails. Many people came to rely on the affiliate scheme as part of their income, filmon haven't got the decency to reply to any affiliates to explain what is wrong.

Filmon owe me £500, so I have set up - with all of the UK free-to-air / freeview channels streaming on it. I hope to have HD and high quality video available soon. Also to make a UK TV app for android and ios. Other ideas are a UK based VPN so people can watch iPlayer and ITV hub etc when outside the UK, as these on demand TV websites are geo-blocked and only work for viewers inside the UK.

Filmon owe other affiliates thousands, and don't seem to care. So to hell with them. I used to use the money to help pay the bills. Then since last November, filmon don't reply, or give the same answer "I will pass this on to the relevant department". I hope that filmon get taken to court for charging people to watch UK freeview TV, but despite many court cases, they are still in business. Probably as they are owned by a billionaire who obviously doesn't care about the little guy, the affiliates who have earnt them so many thousands of viewers and hundreds of thousands in revenue. A massive greedy company, stepping on the people who helped them get so big.

So here you go, a free UK TV website with every freeview free-to-air channel. With more coming soon, such as some free-to-air satellite channels. Also regional variations will be coming soon, such as BBC Scotland, Northern Ireland etc. At the moment the TV feed is Wales based, but this will be changed to ITV and BBC London soon.

Currently working on reliable streams which will auto connect if any network errors, so bear with me. This TV website has more UK TV channels than filmon did, also the +1 channels, so enjoy it.

Click here to watch BBC One online - then you can choose from any of the 40+ UK TV channels on that web page.

Or go here to view the UK TVGuide



32 thoughts on “ not free any more – 2 minute limit, stops free UK TV !”

    1. Care to elaborate on your personal attack on me? Why don’t I have a clue? and what is your problem with me?

      1. Hi Paul. I donated GBP 20 – I’m sure once word gets around I will be one of many.

    2. JOHN, will you F U C K O F F from this site

      Thank you PAUL it’s amazing what you doing!

    3. From here in the Philippines i would like to shake your hand Rob, after finding your site and reading your words on how your project is gaining speed i for one will have no problem donating to your site. Honesty is hard to come by these days and applaud your efforts. Stuff it to Filmon Rob !!!!!! (stop getting grumpy, lol )

  1. Oh u made my day mate. I’ll be sharing this and asking for support for ur brilliant project. Just one thing though please add the kids channels 🙂

  2. Thank you for setting this up I wish you every success. Why ´not crowdfund this I am sure you would get good support .
    Danny Parker

  3. Film on are selling by deceit. They should Call it Film on Free for 2 minutes.

  4. thank you very much!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    what about BBC news??
    are you going to add this channel??

    1. Yes, multiple kids TV and news channels, at some point. Reliability is priority at the moment though

  5. Tried watching your service on my Andriod box , it was fine this morning but since moving to two servers now bbc 1 has no volume. It runs all fine on my iPad huw

  6. Thanks for ur quick reply mate. The world is a better place with people like u doing wot u do.
    Please can u add bbc cbeebies, asap coz my lil daughter got used to watching it every morning on filmon and now she’s so sad and asking me to fix it :/
    I’ll be sooo grateful. Cheers

  7. The world is definitely a better place with people like u doing wot u do.
    Just one lil favour mate, please add bbc cbeebies coz my lil daughter misses it so much. She used to watch it on filmon :/

    1. Let’s get this clear,I don’t get this all free business,I can understand the channels with advertisements but not the BBC,someone has to pay and if they won’t let you pay out of Great Britain surely we need to pay to someone,the only thing that worries me is how legal is this

  8. Paul, take no notice of people like John, just a jealous twerp who thinks big with no actions, you are really a special guy, not being intimidated by the likes of filmon. Just settle down and do what you do best. I will lay a penny against a quid that you will succeed with this venture and in the not too distant future reap substantial financial rewards.

  9. this is a great service, thank you and hope it continues, managed to get it to work on android box and Samsung phone using google chrome, wouldn’t open on default browser on box/phone, so an android app would be great

  10. Well we live in Greece and live halfway up a mountain. We watched film on as the only way to get Uktv. Like the rest of you dismay at what film on has done. But now you have come to the rescue.Well done mate, we will spread the news to others on the stoupa Web sight.

  11. Well done,Rob. I can not believe this Billionaire scumbag was allowed to collect virtually all of the Freeview Channels without one of the authorities/regulators realising what was happening. I wonder if the Monopolies Commission is aware??? It is an awful underhanded piece of fraud,making themselves out to be helping the viewing public by collecting all the sites into one,then dropping the bombshell of charging…..without warning!! I am shocked at how much he is hoping to charge for what should be free. He is charging more than a lot of “Pay to View” sites,which makes it even least that is the individuals choice. Again,thank you so much,and I agree with a previous comment about Crowd Funding or even to charge a small more sensible fee!!

  12. thanks a lot ROb for adding the bbc Cbeebies
    my lil dughter is smilimh again thanks to u mate. I do really really appreciate it 🙂 cheers mate

  13. I agree that is a great project succesfully implemented I am even think it is better than filmon, which can go f***k themselves

  14. Well done and please carry on with the great work your doing.Your site is already better than film on and im sure you shall go far with this venture.

  15. Hi Rob. Much appreciate your desire to help after Filmon decided to pull the plug. However, I live in northern Catalonia & your service doesn’t reach here – well it does but it freezes. We are many British in this area & wonder if it would be possible for you to improve things for us? We would be willing to donate if you can.

  16. Hi I am in turkey, with no film on so think it is why my firestick keeps dropping. Is film on free in uk, as my sons says he still gets it. Also how do I download your site onto my firestick or TVs thank you Pauline

  17. Our streams in New Zealand from this site are far and away more stable than FilmOn has been for a very, very long time via their website, mediahhh (excellent but defunct) or Kodi and you are doing an excellent job!

    Adblockers are now turned off and I will be sorting out a regular contribution via PayPal.

    Cheers HEAPS! 🙂

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