To all who donated before 9th June, you are now official RSTV-UK members!

I have personally nominated each and every one of you who has donated up until 9th June 2017. You¬†are now Level 1 members ūüôā

(Surprising the surge in donations after this message went out....too late guys! But hey, maybe some time soon I will have a another "nominate people for membership who donated" session)

If you donated but are still Level 0, contact me with the following 3 pieces of information. Do not send me the transaction ID as too many people send the wrong number - What part of this sentence don't people understand? Somebody today send me an ID number which didn't work. I spent 5 minutes going round in circles, searching for their email address which they contacted me from, on 2 of my paypal accounts, can't find them. Search for transaction ID on both accounts, can't find them. STOP WASTING MY TIME 

1: Did you donate via Paypal or Stripe card payments?

2:  Your RSTV username or email address

3: Your Paypal email address if different, or what you might have typed when donating via Stripe

Make sure you have include the info. If you don't, I skip past your email. Check your membership page every 24 hours. If nothing in 72 hours, please get in touch again making sure you got the info correct. I don't have time to chase people who didn't include the info, Thank you

Now the good news on Level 1 and above membership:

If you are interested in 30 higher quality channels then I can give you an exclusive offer and big discount, nobody else has access to the high quality channels yet so I would like to offer it to you first. Then when the membership fees are imposed at some time soon, you will have had the offer of a substantial discount beforehand.

The 576p stream quality will normally require Level 3 membership at £5 per month but as a thank you for donating, I would like to offer you 2 months Level 3 membership for £1.29. If you are confident that you have a good internet connection, please check the membership page for further details on upgrading your account. Once you have Level 3 membership, the TV stream will automatically play the higher quality.

If the higher quality streams don't work for your internet connection, please get in touch immediately for a refund. Don't open a Paypal dispute, just email me and I will refund.

Hope you enjoy ūüôā

Also a big thanks for your support to get this far, wouldn't have done it without your kindness.

Sorry I did not reply to each donation in person, things have been extremely hectic, busy and stressful. Hundreds of emails a day at one point!

Some of the streaming setup bought with your donations so far, and there is a lot more, plus ongoing costs near £1000 per month!

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