Upcoming changes

The plan

Why I made offer of Level 3 for 1.29 for 2 months is partly because I will soon be changing the prices and I wanted you who donated to have the best offers.
Minimum membership fee will soon be 1.29, for very low quality streams.
I don't want you guys who donated to get mixed up with that, and since you who donated first, helped the organisation get where it is, deserved a thank you. So I will give another week or two for anyone who has donated, to get to level 3 for £1.29.

Then I make Level 2 membership £1.29 (very low quality streams)
Then Level 3 becomes 4.99 a month - but you guys already have 2 months of this as a thanks for donating
Then Level 4 will be 9.99
(If I change all this before 2 months is over, I will automatically upgrade Level 3 to Level 4.)

I will then make ABR streams - Automatic BitRate selection with 3 stream qualities.
Anyone with good internet, can be level 3 or level 4.
Anyone with bad internet but wishes to contribute more to the organisation than £1.29 a month (as some of you have said you are unhappy to pay £1.29 for something which you appreciate and realise the amount of work and money involved), can choose higher level but the ABR stream will play whatever your internet is capable of (not necessarily the highest quality stream) but you will still be really helping out.

A lot of this has come about because despite lowering the standard quality from 360p to 240p, some people still have issues receiving the streams.

Level 2: 200p @ 350kbps aimed at those on very low income but who really want UK TV in their life, also aimed a those struggling to receive streams at present.
Level 3: 360p @ 800kbps or thereabouts, medium quality / resolution (slightly higher than it used to be which was 320p) but higher bitrate than it was before, so less blurring on high motion = much better picture all round.
Level 4: 576p @ 1.2mbps - almost identical to standard SD TV broadcast quality. Also level 4 will have access to a UK VPN for those who wish to use iPlayer etc. And possibly in the future even higher quality on channels 1 to 5.

Some of you will still need to find a friend or family to make payment as I will not be accepting bank transfers or giving my address out.

There are many reasons this needs to be such -
10,000 people registered on the website, and even if all of these became members (if membership was free), I could not risk 10,000 people jumping on the website at the same time. The streams would not work for anyone!
So if people register, and pay a membership fee, we know exactly how many active members there are. Membership number will not suddenly jump really high, because members can only join from a nomination and admin has to accept them. If membership grows, I hire more server resources.

Some people want something for nothing. Out of 10,000 registered website users, only around 400 had donated....I am not interested in having members such as this. I know some people cannot donate, but I know that out of around 9000 members, a lot just want something for nothing!
Most adults are willing to contribute and help the organisation. Anyone who is able but doesn't want to donate / pay a minimum fee (£1.29 a month!) I don't really want being a member.
I would be very happy to have 1000 good members, who read the updates, post on the forums about any issues, are happy to contribute - even just £1 per month (or will help out in others ways), than 10,000 miscellaneous members who don't really bring much to the group.

Many thanks for your donations, hopefully you've all seen the image I put on the previous post about donations and membership, showing 3 x encoding PCs worth £400+ each (and building another 3), one of them with a £300 satellite TV card inside it, £200 router, £200 air con to keep PCs cool (hot computers = faults), loads of smaller parts worth hundreds, the list goes on. Would never have done this without the donations, so a massive thank you!

And of course the ongoing membership subscriptions will help pay the ongoing monthly costs for servers, phone lines etc. which at present is around £500 per month but will be more like £1000 per month when everything is set up, and then of course, this project took over my life and I have rent to pay (not to mention the massive electric bills which I will now be getting!)

So a big thanks and I hope everyone understands what's happening, has some patience, has read the FAQ / troubleshooting and maybe reads the forums, to keep up to date and even help others users who have questions!



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