How to Watch Formula 1 Online – Australian Grand Prix 2018

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Australian Grand Prix 2018 LIVE STREAM TIMES


  • Australian Grand Prix - Practice 1 - Sky Sports F1 HD (01:00)
  • Australian Grand Prix - Practice 2 - Sky Sports F1 HD (05:00)


  • Australian Grand Prix - Practice 3 - Sky Sports F1 HD (03:00)
  • Australian Grand Prix - Qualifying 1 - Sky Sports F1 HD (06:00)


  • Australian Grand Prix - Track Parade - Sky Sports F1 HD (05:10)
  • Rolex Australian Grand Prix - Race - Sky Sports F1 HD (06:10)







How to watch F1 for free anywhere in the world (on any device)

How to watch for free in your country - using local TV websites (some countries)

How to watch online - Pay Per View Options -some countries

How to connect your PC to your TV to watch live streams on a big screen

How to watch live F1, Sky sports, BT sports etc using Kodi

Watch F1 on an Android device

Using Acestream / VLC to watch live  F1 streams

Technical Information / Device Support



Most countries now have F1 as Pay Per View. If you do not have a  sports TV subscription, you can try to  watch F1 online for free, view our  list below websites which stream live F1 and other sports. I think  not all of these  are official broadcasts, copyright laws vary from country to country, we are just providing information.  If you want to be  sure you are watching authorised F1 broadcasts, check the list to watch F1 online in your country  via  local TV websites, some local TV stream  F1 coverage for free but these are locked to viewing in that country. You could use  a proxy or VPN based in that country to watch a stream when you are abroad, but this costs money and technical knowledge.

If there is no free option then  you may want consider watching F1 online via Pay per view  from a local TV provider in your country.

How  to Watch F1 Online - a list of  live  streaming websites

Here is a list of live F1 streaming websites. You can watch these streams on most devices

Some of that information is only shared with our VIP member such as access to private forums and information such as links to good F1 streaming sites.

Due to DMCA complaint removing this page from Google, we have removed direct links to some websites. If you sign up as VIP, we will be more than happy to provide further information on anything (legal) that you require help with 😉

Website Safe? Quality Rating Comments and Link
F1 live
stream  #1
Alarm-Tick-icon HD 5

Best F1 live streams #1



Gold members  - make sure you are logged in and then click here to see links

live stream  #2
Alarm-Tick-icon SD 5 Best live F1 website #2

Reliable SD stream

Safe website!

Gold members  log in and then click here to see links


Channel 4 UK
Alarm-Tick-icon SD 3 Half of the F1 race weekends are live for
Practise, Qualifying & race

Watch Channel 4 online  here 
RTL F1 DE Alarm-Tick-icon SD 3 Germany Only
RTL used to have live F1 streams but I am not sure if they show the race on their website in 2017.
F1 videos including interviews and news  here  - maybe users in Germany can find a live stream
(The following sports streaming websites are dangerous  for your computer and the stream quality is very low!*)
EPLsite LOW 1 See info*
Cricfree LOW 1 See info*
Stream2watch LOW 1 See info*
vipleague LOW 1 See info*
TotalSportTek LOW 1 See info*
TV Toss LOW 1   See info*


We have removed links to websites as Google removed us from the search engine for some DMCA complaint. We didn't even receive any warning. Pfft. Some of the free sports streaming and live F1 stream sites are bad and try to  install malware &  viruses. Always ignore warning saying "you need to update a plugin to watch this stream". Also these sites have many popups and other problems. If you manage to view the stream, it is always very low quality, lots of freezes, and almost unwatchable picture quality. Usually  around 300kbps (very low bitrate).  Dont say we didnt warn you!

How to Watch F1 online  for free in your country  -  official TV station F1  streams

Australia  (10  races live, rest highlights)





Star Sports
(find category you want to watch, eg F1, then look down page for "Videos" section and click "Live"

Italy (10 live races)


Pakistan ? (Offline when I tested)

(Some live F1 races, some delayed)


United Kingdom

Channel 4 UK has  10 races live

If any Formula 1 races are live on Channel 4 UK (BBC no longer has F1 coverage)  then you can Watch Channel 4 live  (or watch highlights)
Low - medium quality around 500kbps.
Website is safe
Options to upgrade to HD quality @ 1mbps (True HD @ 1mb? I doubt it)
Click here to watch Channel 4 and live F1 (if its on)

United  States

Not exactly free as you need a cable or satellite subscription. But if you have NBC then you can watch F1 for free on the NBC  website

How to Watch Formula 1 Online via official F1 / TV pay per view in your country  

If you are in the UK, you can watch live F1 with Now TV. It costs £6.99 for a day pass to watch the race. Or it costs £10.99 for a 1 week pass, so you can  watch live F1 practise, qualifying and race. You could also watch the F1 press conference and lots of other Formula 1 programmes during your 1 week including classic F1 races, the F1 midweek report and lots more.  This is a lot  cheaper than 10 months Sky Sports F1 subscription!

The  countries listed below have options to watch formula 1 online with pay per view options.

Country Service Race Qual Practise Price
Chile Fox Play All All All £84
Finland MTV F1 All All All ‚¬89.95.
France My Canal All All All ‚¬300
Macedonia MRT All All No ‚¬120
Netherlands Sport 1 All All All ‚¬150
Norway Viaplay All All All £240
Philippines Race Mate Live All All All £150 SD /
£240 HD
Romania Dolce Web TV Sports All All No 1.50 ‚¬/day /
4.00 ‚¬/month.
South Korea SBS Sports All No No US$120
Sweden Live Live Live ‚¬330
Tunisia BeIn Sport All All All ‚¬250
Uganda SuperSport All All All US$984
United Kingdom Sky Go All All All SD £562 /
HD £763
United Kingdom Now TV Sports All All All Day £6.99 /
Week £10.99
Month £31.50
United States* NBC Sports Live Extra All Most live FP2 only US$720


Most races and all practice/qualifying to be broadcast by NBCSN. 5 races will be broadcast by the FTA NBC network, and 3 races will be shown on CNBC due to conflicts.   NBC  website

How to watch live F1 streams  using Acestream (desktop devices)

Download VLC here.
Download and install Acestream addon for VLC.
You need an Acestream URL for each live stream you want to watch- find these on the Reddit F1 group and other forums etc.
How the streams work: Somebody streams Formula 1 (usually from Sky Sports F1).  This stream is sent to viewers. The stream is shared between viewers  peer to peer.
Quality varies, source stream is HD but most users are leeches (taking and not giving) so this live f1 watching service is very unreliable. Lots of buffering. Many internet connections have very slow upload speeds, so watching live F1 online is one thing, streaming it from another user at home is another things.
Summary: Quality 5/5 - Reliability 2/5 - Difficulty 2/5:
Using Acestream to watch F1 Online is very unreliable - it would get much higher rating but far too many leeches on live stream reduce the quality for other viewers.

Watching live F1 on your smart TV.

If you don't want to watch on your computer monitor, you may be able to watch the stream on your smart TV. A modern Smart TV may be able to use it's built in browser to watch live streams from streaming websites but this is likely to be problematic. So, ideally you will connect a computer or tablet or smartphone mobile device to your TV.  Other options for watching live F1 streams on your TV  include using an Android TV box, or if your Smart TV is Android then you can install Kodi on your smart TV. If you have a samsung smart TV then you might be able to Airplay a stream from your ipad or iphone to your TV! Read more information below.

Watch live streams  from your computer  on your TV

Most modern devices have video output (HDMI). Connect a HDMI cable between your laptop or PC and plug it in to the TV. Then you can watch the live streams on your TV! If you have a tablet you use to watch online streams, it might have a mini HDMI or other video output socket. Please consult your user manual specifications if you are unsure if your device has video output. Or learn more on how to connect your device to a TV

Watching Sky F1 on iOS / iPAD / smartphone / mobile device:

Find a live F1 streaming site using HLS streaming video, this works on iOS devices. (Some Android support HLS streams.)
Check our list of F1 streaming websites , the websites on the list support mobile devices, we share those links with our VIP members! You might be able to  send the stream from your iOS device to your TV using Airplay!

How to watch Sky F1 live online streaming using Kodi (PC or Smart TV)

If your smart TV is Android then you can install Kodi and watch Sky Sports F1 and other Sky Sports, BT sports, Eurosport and all major sporting channels. Kodi is media centre software for many operating systems and devices and can also be installed on desktop computers.
Download and Install Kodi on your device
Install the Kodi sport addons using this guide:
Summary: Quality 2/5 - Reliability 4/5 - Difficulty 4/5:
Live F1 streams via Kodi is OK - SD quality but stream bandwidth is shared among users, so during live events with most people watching at the same time, quality can become very low. Sky Sports F1 and other channel streams use cardsharing, this can be unreliable and glitchy, sometimes left with a few seconds of a scrambled channel, usually as there is action on the race track and you miss a great overtaking move!

How to watch F1 for free on Android TV box (using Kodi)

To watch Sky Sports F1 online using an Android TV box, install Kodi on your Android box, then install the live sports streaming addons watch live sky sports F1.
Install Kodi on the Android box (see above)
Install Sky Sports F1 addons for Kodi (see above)
Summary: Quality 2/5 - Reliability 4/5 - Difficulty  4/5:
Watching F1 via Kodi is OK - the live streams are SD, but as the stream bandwidth is shared among users, quality can become very low. Also, the live Sky Sports F1 streams come from cardsharing sources, which can be unreliable.


Technical information and device support for  watching live video online

RTMP/HLS/DASH and MAC/iOS/Windows/Android

Windows / MAC Desktop:

RTMP was standard  streaming technology but this requires Adobe Flash plugin to watch the stream. Adobe Flash is mainly for desktop browsers. Many  streaming websites still use RTMP.

HLS (Apple, works well  on iOS/MAC) mostly  replaced RTMP. Many  websites use HLS.
Windows desktop browsers usually need Adobe Flash plugin  to play HLS. (Adobe Flash is built in the the Chrome web browser.)  Firefox users need to click make sure Adobe  Flash  is installed.

MPEG DASH is also replacing RTMP (and maybe HLS!) and becoming universal standard. Many websites use MPEG DASH. Desktop browsers may still need  Adobe Flash plugin  to play MPEG DASH streams.

Summary, Desktop  users usually need to  install Adobe Flash plugin. MAC users can install Chrome web browser with Flash.
IOS support is low - not many live streaming websites support iOS  yet.  Same for Android, some do support HLS streams, if not, try another browser or search for Android / iOS RTMP player.

F1 2018 LIVE TV Schedule
Race Date Live on
Australian Grand Prix March 23-25 Sky
Bahrain Grand Prix April 6-8 Sky/Channel 4
Chinese Grand Prix April 13-15 Sky
Azerbaijan Grand Prix April 27-29 Sky/Channel 4
Spanish Grand Prix May 11-13 Sky
Monaco Grand Prix May 25-27 Sky/Channel 4
Canadian Grand Prix June 8-10 Sky
French Grand Prix June 22-24 Sky
Austrian Grand Prix June 29-July 1 Sky/Channel 4
British Grand Prix July 6-8 Sky/Channel 4
German Grand Prix July 20-22 Sky
Hungarian Grand Prix July 27-29 Sky
Belgian Grand Prix August 24-26 Sky/Channel 4
Italian Grand Prix August 31-September 2 Sky
Singapore Grand Prix September 14-16 Sky/Channel 4
Russian Grand Prix September 28-30 Sky
Japanese Grand Prix October 5-7 Sky/Channel 4
United States Grand Prix October 19-21 Sky/Channel 4
Mexican Grand Prix October 26-28 Sky
Brazilian Grand Prix November 9-11 Sky
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix November 23-25 Sky/Channel 4

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  1. Thanks
    I logged in well before the start and after about a minute the picture froze and I refreshed the page and watched a faultless picture throughout the race. The sound was a little hit and miss for a few seconds several times but no problems, I was able to watch the Sky sports live broadcast of the Bahrain F1 throughout the whole sessions and their sound quality was about the same so ?
    Great service much better than last year well done.

  2. Hi there, I’m considering purchasing the one-day VIP access for Sunday to watch the Canadian GP. One question, though: is the streaming webpage compatible with iPad/iPhone? In other words, is it flash-based or not? I need to know whether I’ll be able to play the stream on AppleTV via my tablet or phone. Thanks!

  3. Can I watch on my laptop/iPad, at home, after watching previous sessions on my desktop?
    Or will it lock me out…?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. I advise to log out properly on the first device and it should be OK. If any problems then send an email, regards

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