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    Good evening, from Rivarolo Canavese Turin, I can hook up all the freesat channels including HD channels, these are truly the limit considering that today is a beautiful day with no clouds.
    My hw is fairly trivial, 80cm Triax dish and a Humax LNB 0.1.
    The 2E signal appears to be less than that of 2f present despite a better quality whereas no errors until just does not reach the limit and then to raise the mistakes, but at the same time the image is no longer perceptible pixels and shadows green.

    I hope that a little ‘more than being sprayed from the second signal so as not to force me to change dish and lnb.

    Wait and See.

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    Milanville (or there abouts) and as of 9am on 6th (the morning of the big 1N to 2E changeover off BBC channels) my report is as follows:


    BBC1, 2 ¢â‚¬â€œ check!
    RB1 and 2 ¢â‚¬â€œ check!
    ITV1 1 ¢â‚¬â€œ check! (but this is on 2F anyway, I dont think the 1N transmission has come across yet ¢â‚¬â€œ 10758 V 22 5/6)

    Im looking at my old fashioned screen based signal meter for 2F and 2E and read as follows (selected channels):

    S & Q 70, 90 ¢â‚¬â€œ 2F for 11126 V (4/seven)
    S & Q 70, 90 ¢â‚¬â€œ 2F for 11052 H (ITV 1 my region)

    S & Q 80, 90 ¢â‚¬â€œ 2E for 10788 V (BBC1 my region)
    S & Q 80, 90 ¢â‚¬â€œ 2E for 10818 V (BBC3)

    So for ME, it seems the 2E signal is slightly stronger than 2F. Good news!

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    Hi Guys,

    Down further a bit here in Northern Tuscany I have lost all BBC which is not surprising as I couldnt get CH5 since the changeover to 2F on my 1.2m dish. I have read reports on in Bologna that he has lost BBC reception with a 1.5m dish. I was hoping that a 1.8m might solve my problems but now I doubt it.
    Any more reports would be good,

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    certain that with my usual optimism a bit ‘signal plus I would have expected …
    I’ll try to make slight changes to my dish to see if I can recover some db love bbc hd channels, so I would have a minimum signal more …

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    genoa calling.. as i write bbc 1 2 3 4 all gone on hd. bbc 1 2 picking up at 50% with picture breakup on the regional channels. itv, c4, c5 still ok.
    dish is 1m and 11 yrs old changed as was the LNB which i changed a few months back as it died of old age!
    I’m thinking I’ll be needing a 1.8m dish with an Inverto, luckily I’m on rooftop apartment so I can put what dish I like!

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    19 pts

    No spot beam reception here,2E or 2F.Good PE beam reception S92 Q 85.

    Jesi,Italy. 1.2 m dish with IBU single lnb and Technomate5402 M3 receiver.No hint of 2E or F . 27.5W looking good

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    comincio a perdere bbc1 hd segnale debole qualche squadrettamento…Mannaggia!!!

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    22:00 All 2E BBC SD channels functioning beautifully, as well as my ITV, 4/seven and Ch5 suite on 2F. (I dont have an HD box)

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    Lucca northern Tuscany. 1.5 m irte dish. used to get ch5 on 2f in the mornings. That has now gone as well as all bbc chs

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    Credo proprio che non sia piƒ¹ sufficiente una parabola da 80 cm per i canali in Hd della bbc.
    Aspetterƒ² un paio di settimane poi upgrade a gibertini 100, dovrebbe bastare.

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    Nope, no idea. Anyone know what he said?

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    Jim, something like “I believe that it is no longer sufficient for a 80 cm dish for the bbc channels in HD.
    I’ll wait a couple of weeks and then upgrade to Gibertini 100 should suffice.” I think I would err on the side of 1.2, Ricardo!

    The question I would like a answer to is what size dish will I need now, I was banking on a 1.8m, but I dont think that is going to do it. 2.4m is beyond my pocket so it looks like IPTV for me, no my first option though.

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    yes luniman jimimaseye,
    I tried to correct my 80 cm dish to see if I could gain a few db, but at the moment I have only worsened the situation, I think I’m already at the limit, any attempt I do not think I need only a parable by 80 to get a signal constant day and night.

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    I am just up the road to the right on a 1metre dish, Riccardo, and I have no problems really. Im sure that a 1 or 1.1 minimum would suffice for you (if set up and tweaked correctly).

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    Hi Guys so the state of play here north of Milano signal from 2E and 2F some hd and sd channels i am using a 80cm dish soon to upgrade to 1mtr dish plus new lnb which seems to me will be an Inverto black, been waiting so long to see what signal 2e will provide.
    with a 80cm dish i didnt expect to recieve many channels but am a liitle surprised of what i can recieve and also weather permitting. we seem to be lucky here Northwest of Italy with the signal.

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