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    Hi every body,
    just a short message, live in Landshut north east of Munich have an 80 cm dish, no name quad LNB and Humax HD box plus two others.
    Spoke to a satellite shop/ expert and he recommended 190 cm and a invictor quad LNB ( I think the name is correct ), will see what happens when it comes. Will mount dish in garden as wife will not let me chop balcony railing in half.
    If anybody has a better idea as to the setup please reply otherwise will post again when it all comes.
    Have had Sat TV since 1987 first Sky then Freesat, and to be honest all they run are repeats, the both of them. Any way less of the rant hope you all find a solution to your problems, keep posting.



    Hi Allan What dish have you ordered ..Is it a Channel Master….?




    Hi Steve,
    I do not know, went to the sat shop in Munchen by the Wiesen and they could only get one from a Frankfurt supplier. Have yet to order it as I am waiting for a friend to decide if he wants one too ( we can split the delivery cost ).
    Will let you know when we order. Is a channel master a good one ? if so what do they cost ?




    Maybe its Invacom Quad LNB – a bit more expensive than other LNBs but maybe better for weaker signal areas.


    Allan….The Channel Master /Andrews / Raven…and now named “Skyware”…i think.?.. are gerarally excepted to be the ‚´Rolls Royce” of Big dishes….and are very expensive…!!..but might be worth it in the long term….

    Paul… the Invacom is a Fab LNB..on smaller Dishes…….but on dishes 125 cm plus…..A Feedhorn type of LNB is very beneficial……



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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