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    Doesn’t work on Smart TV!

    Many Smart TV are not capable of SSL web browsing and some don’t like HLS video streams. All websites are becoming SSL (secure) and HLS is very common. Get the video to your TV using a laptop & HDMI cable, Android TV box or cast (Chromecast from your laptop or mobile phone, etc).

    No streams work

    Try another browser! The best browsers which can usually be downloaded on all devices (apart from Smart TV) – Firefox & Chrome.

    Try another device!

    Don’t use a VPN! 

    Streams usually work but ALL are offline

    Wait 5-10 minutes and see if they come back online.

    If not, please post a topic (or check if somebody already has) in the “RSTV Support” forum.  If it’s already reported, you can reply in the relevant topic, else start your own topic. Please help me keep the forums tidy and organised, it helps other users find answers.

    Channel “X” is offline but others work

    Wait 5-10 minutes to see if it comes back online, else report in the “RSTV Support” forum if possible. Please always check if somebody has already reported it, then you can reply in their topic. Please help me keep the forums tidy and organised!

    Doesn’t work on device X but works on my laptop

    Then it’s your device X at fault. The streams work! Try another web browser or update the device operating system / software.

    Occasional sound stops working with Chrome

    If you have recently clicked on the live video player, you might accidentally turn volume down by pressing the “down arrow” key on your keyboard. Hover your mouse icon over the video and look to the bottom right for the volume controls. Make sure the volume bars are filled in!


    If you read the FAQ and this page but still have problems, please post in the correct forum – if you are new to forums then take your time to look around before posting – post in the most relevant forum for your comment and post your own topic, not a reply to somebody else’s! (Unless of course your issue is identical to theirs.)

    I’m very busy trying to get the streams and servers more reliable, so help me to help you, read the FAQ/Troubleshooting, and offload some questions & feedback on to the forum, thank you.

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    • This topic was modified 6 days, 4 hours ago by Profile photo of Paul Paul.
    • This topic was modified 6 days, 4 hours ago by Profile photo of Paul Paul.

    If you are having problems, be sure to include the following with every report / reply. Maybe put this as forum signature on your profile settings, so it appears on every post. You can get your internet speed from -
    Internet speed: 78mbps
    Location: UK
    Device: Windows PC
    Browser or app: Chrome

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