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  1. Hi I was just reading the thread about filmon buffering, I’ve recently deleted everything from my MBox I re installed xmbc and all the addons but filmon is now constantly buffering. Can anybody shed any light please, TIA

    1. Ive had internet problems for a couple weeks but will be updating the website over the next few days with more info on F1 2016.

  2. I can not get anzy German TV or Portuguese. Online English. Via filmon.tv which I can get direct. Can YouTube advise hol I can getan the aforementioned

  3. Last year worked great, now I can not get the stream. I get the guide , can choose the channel, up to date time slot, get the white play button, press the button and only get a moment of blue screen. I am so sad and disappointed. Same results on all devices. Why can I not get the stream now? I am in H.K. and this was my favorite t.v. .. now so sad

    1. Because the 3rd party company who used to provide the TV streams owe me £500 and are not paying, so I am not using them any more while I set up my own TV streams. In the future, streams will be relayed via servers around the world. For now they come from the UK so maybe that’s why you are having problems. Please check back in a couple of weeks and things might be better. Regards

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